Rail System Solves Denizli's Transportation Problem

maritime transportation problem rail system cozer
maritime transportation problem rail system cozer

Vatan Party Denizli Provincial Chairman Ibrahim Kasapoglu, the city's biggest problem of traffic jams, stressing that this problem can be solved.

Vatan Party Provincial Chairman Ibrahim Kasapoglu, before the local elections announced that they give the start of the election. Stating that they have started to accept applications for candidates, Kasapoğlu said, m We are opening our doors for the application of candidacy to the honest and respected intellectuals who want to contribute to the solution of the problems of Denizli people with their knowledge, experience, expertise and patriotism. In


Expressing that the Motherland Party is opposed to projects that are flamboyant, flashy and ad-oriented, Kasapoğlu said that they will produce programs and projects that will solve the real problems of the people. Stating that Denizli's most important problem is the difficulty in transportation, Kasapoğlu said, ifade What is the number one problem of Denizli city center? Of course, the traffic and traffic jam. How can this problem be solved? The most accurate and realistic solution is the rail system. Denizli can solve this problem with the rail system starting from Üçler and extending to Bayramyeri, Çınar, Bağbaşı, Honaz and Organize Sanayi. Here, the candidates of our party and our towns and districts rooted in the real problems, cheap, side-by-side solution projects will face our citizens '' he said.

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