Thank You From Korkuteli Transportation Tradesmen to Türel

Transportation tradesmen in Korkuteli thanked Menderes Türel with a banner for the public transportation arrangement implemented by the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality in the district. both kazanStating that the quality of transportation has increased, both us and the citizens are very satisfied with the new regulation. May Allah be pleased with our President Menderes.

The public transportation policies implemented by the Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation Planning and Rail Systems ensure the satisfaction of citizens and transportation tradesmen. kazanyeast continues. In this context, transportation cooperatives in Korkuteli were combined and gathered under one roof. Vehicles were combined in the rotation pool, a fair transportation order was introduced. Neighborhoods, which were held twice a day before, were set up once every two hours. Vehicle owners were given a certificate of authorization and their right ownership was documented. The regularization of public transportation in Korkuteli made both tradesmen and citizens happy. Korkuteli transportation tradesmen expressed their great satisfaction with the public transportation arrangement that has been implemented in Korkuteli for nearly three years, together with the Metropolitan Law. The transportation tradesmen, who came together at Korkuteli Bus Terminal, thanked President Menderes Türel with the banner they prepared.

Türel has made the greatest service on transportation
Edi One of the biggest contributions of Menderes Türel to Korkuteli is the transportation industry ec, said Kemal Istık, Chairman of the Chamber of Drivers and Transporters of Korkuteli. Regarding different price applications, the regulation was also prevented, Istık said. This is over. Previously, there was transport from remote villages, but it was uncertain. He did not know the future of the citizen and the time to go. He was enjoying the van. But now, not every two hours, every village has cars. Citizens know what time the car will go at what time it will go, Vat he said.

We support the camera system
Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Coordination Center (UKOME), in order to improve the quality of public transport and transportation security system launched by the in-car camera system that they found very useful, indicating President Kemal Istak, kal For example, a short time ago in one of our car burglary event occurred. A lady teacher lost her wallet in the car, and when the camera system was examined, she found the person who took the wallet. Without the camera, maybe the driver would remain under suspicion. Minibus did not want to shopkeepers in advance but now almost compete to hang out immediately ord he said.

May Allah Menderes consent to the President
Bahadir Balik, one of the transporters of Korkuteli, stated that there is 5 cooperative in the district before the Metropolitan Act and everyone works in an uncertain way and said, Balık We merged under one roof. It was very nice .. About 3 are glad you are working smoothly for years. May Allah bless Menderes President Allah.

Equal and fair system came
With the Metropolitan Law, the tradesmen are no longer kazanExpressing that the number of passengers has increased, Şerafettin Öncel said, “I have been a transportation tradesman for 20 years, before, everyone was carrying passengers according to their minds, there was an inconsistency. As public transportation, minibuses were gathered at the bus station and everyone kazanalso merged. An equal and fair system has come to all. Before kazanOur price was very low, but with the coming of this law kazanThankfully, our growth has increased considerably. First of all, we would like to thank our President, Menderes Türel, and then the Department of Transportation.”

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