The Foundation of Gebze-Darica Metro Project in 5 Billion Lira in Kocaeli

kocaelide 5 billion lyrical gebze darica laid the foundation of subway project
kocaelide 5 billion lyrical gebze darica laid the foundation of subway project

Metro Kocaeli Gebze Organized Industrial Zone, which is the first step - the foundation of the Metro Line Darıca Coastal Grand National Assembly of Turkey President Binali Yildirim was laid in a ceremony also attended. The history of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality of Kocaeli will be the largest investment in the giant project will be numbered subway in Turkey will be one of the provinces. Parliament Speaker Lightning Speaking at the groundbreaking ceremony, to be held in Turkey in Kocaeli ongoing construction of the metro line as huge investments, internal and external outbreaks that threaten our economy, he said the best answer.


In the groundbreaking ceremony in Gebze City Square, the President of the Parliament Binalı Yıldırım, the Deputy Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Mehmet Habip Soluk, Kocaeli Governor Hüseyin Aksoy, AK Party Kocaeli MPs Fikri Işık, Radiye Sezer Katırcıoğlu, İlyas Şeker, Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality İbrahim Karaosmanoğlu, Metropolitan Municipality General Secretary İlhan Bayram, IMM General Secretary Hayri Baraçlı, SBB Secretary General İbrahim Pehlivan, Deputy Mayor Zekeriya Özak, KOÜ Rector. Prof. Dr. Sadettin Hülagü, Rector of GTÜ Dr. Muhammet Hasan Aslan, AK Party Provincial Chairman Abdullah Eryarsoy, district mayors, NGO representatives, provincial and district protocol participated.


Ulaşım We will start the work that will solve the most important problem of Gebze and relax the transportation and traffic. Capital of Kocaeli industry. Turkey's indispensable city. But this feature brings us significant burdens. We are a growing city with the highest number of immigrants. I would like to hope that the Gebze Organized Industrial Zone - Darica Beach Metro Line will be completed without accident and will serve our citizens. Asız


Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Governor Hüseyin Aksoy said that the metron will give a significant impetus to the city and our country on the solution of transportation problems. Every year 50 is a growing city with a population close to a thousand. Our Gebze region is a city where human mobility is the most important. Therefore, a major problem of the city with the subway work will be eliminated. The basis of the subway to be laid; I wish our province, our region, our country to be better. bölge


Speaking in the introduction program, President iz Ibrahim Karaosmanoglu, said: Başkan Today is a great day for our city. Today is an important day for our country. We are laying the foundation for the biggest investment in the history of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality. With a total investment of 5 billion pounds, we are starting an important business for our country. Gebze OSB - Darica Beach Metro Line will be the first step of Kocaeli Metro. Today, we're starting to move under the ground. Today, we are opening a new path under the ground. Fatih Sultan Mehmet Khan, the obstacles in front of the conquest, the ship surpassed the sea. Today, we are starting to open a new way to solve the traffic problem that has become an obstacle for our city. We are beginning to weave iron nets under the earth, for people who have difficulty in moving above the earth. This is our first step. By the leave of Allah, we will cast the gold of the earth with iron nets. Allah


Kocaeli's light is brighter than ever, President Karaosmanoglu said: daha The charm of our city is higher than all times. Our population is growing annually 50 thousand people. People want to work in Kocaeli. Our metering system will meet the increasing population's transportation needs. In Gebze, Darıca, Dilovası and Çayırova, approximately 800 thousand citizens are living. These citizens, a place in the city from the vehicle somewhere, go and drive by car. No matter how far we do, the ground is no longer sufficient to meet the transportation demand. Our metro will offer our citizens comfortable transportation. Our Organized Industrial Zone, the lifeblood of the economy of Turkey. Every morning from Istanbul about 1 million 300 thousand people are flowing into our city for overtime. Every night these citizens return to Istanbul. It is a vital need for this flow to drive the city without stress, and to save the workforce from traffic stress. Our metro will save our city from tiredness and work stress from traffic stress. Met


Mayor Karaosmanoglu continued his words as follows: the person's visible rank-i in his mind work. Our ritual is the works we have brought to Kocaeli. Our projects are bringing Kocaeli to the stand. Kocaeli Rail Systems, Kocaeli Metro, Gebze OSB - Darıca Coast Metro line are one of them. Below the ground, we will establish a total 31,2 mileage and 6,5 meter tunnel. This investment is a new summit for Kocaeli with its investment value and features. The whole investment cost is met by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality. Total yl can do this in Turkey less of one hand. And one of them is now Kocaeli. Ve

“Make our country live“

Noting that the line will be connected with Marmaray and Sabiha Gökçen lines, Mayor Karaosmanoğlu said Hat We dreamed. We promised. We have projected. By Allah's leave we are laying the foundation today. To Gebze, Darıca, Çayırova and Dilovası, For Kocaeli and Turkey. Commits us seal, us citizens that the opportunity to make this work, let us work that perseverance, encouraging, leading us off, stretch the arms wing President in our double roads, railway, airports ... the captain of Turkey's transportation investments, honoring us with his presence Assembly President I would like to thank Mr. Binali Yıldırım, ve I am very grateful for my city and my city. The first step of our metropolis would be better. Un


Today, for our country and our nation to put together the first mortar of a good service to record that they are together with the President of the Parliament Binalı Yıldırım koymak Atacağımız this basic, will be the best response to external forces. External forces that will put our economy at a standstill will not be able to disguise their astonishment. We know what's wrong with our stability. Turkey no longer received a shot in the nape bite. Turkey now has a governing not watching the events. We will continue to produce services such as metro, which will serve as a response to internal and external outreachers, who want to work harder by our President Recep T ayyip Erdoğan and want to turn our paradise country into hell. Cumhur


Sevgi Every column that is planted with these digging in this land, I present my love to the citizens who grow with enthusiasm and excitement. Ec Yıldırım continues our speech, ile Love is our food, we produce our nation with love. The more we spread this love, the more society we are happy. Turkey is a strong country. 81 million citizens have a beautiful beast. At this point, Kocaeli has a very important power. Although its land is one of the smallest provinces, 192 is a province that exports to the country with the hardworking people of Kocaelili. It's a city with a business and a crossover. At this point, transportation is no longer enough. You need to make underground roads. Ibrahim Karaosmanoglu, the hardworking president of Kocaeli, keeps his promise to work today. We are living his happiness all together. Onun


Underlining that the work to be laid on will raise the quality of Kocaeli further, Yıldırım - Gebze OSB - Darıca Coast Metro Line and Public Transport in Kocaeli will be much more comfortable from North to South. Will use the latest technology in the world. Unlike the similar to the smart metro service will be provided. Movements from the center without the driver will be directed. I also want to give another good news. In the coming period, the North Auto Road connection going to E-5, TEM behind Izmit will be completed. Thus, we can easily reach both the Anatolian and European sides. Böylece Following the speeches, the foundation of Gebze OSB - Darıca Beach Metro Line was laid with the protocol.


Gebze OSB which is designed as high technology, without driver, economical, safe, flexible, developable - Darica Coast Line will be composed of two tunnels with 15.6 km length and 6,5 meter diameter. The entire line of the 12 station is under the ground. The line will be launched at 2022. Gebze OSB - Darica Beach will be reduced to 19 minutes. Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality with metro line; To reduce traffic density in Gebze OSB region, to minimize urban traffic load, to provide fast access to urban centers and industrial zones, to facilitate access to Darıca Coast, to integrate Kocaeli into national and international land, air and rail systems, 2 metropolitan city aiming to merge. Metro line will grow with new investments.


A metro line capable of carrying 64 thousand passengers per hour; It will be integrated with Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport, Marmaray, TCDD High Speed ​​Train Station, national and international public transport networks and urban centers. Two metropolises will be united underneath. 90 will be scheduled in seconds. 936 parking garage, car park on the ground, including bus platforms will continue to be built. Environmental energy will be used in the Warehouse Center with the capacity of the 144 metro. Warehouse and Control Center, where light and heavy maintenance will be done, will also serve other planned routes. The biggest investment in the history of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, Kocaeli Metro, 1. The stage will cost 5 billion liras. The investment will be completed with the resources of Kocaeli Metropolitan. Yatırım


4 in the project where the latest technology will be used. It will provide full automatic driverless metro service at the automation level. High performance, high reliability and low voyage intervals, low running costs, better response to passenger demands increase the attractiveness of subways. For these reasons, the fully automated metro system in the world will be implemented on the Gebze line. Thanks to better acceleration, braking and speed of operation, the system provides a superior service with minimum travel time between the last stops. Accordingly, the passenger's average waiting time is reduced, while the passenger is also prevented. The waiting times in the stations can be adjusted from the Control Center according to the conditions. There is more delay in train failures in trains without personnel. The delay time can be corrected by returning the trains at the end stations immediately or by adding spare trains to the system to remove the gaps.


This drive is more difficult to remove because the driver's cabin will take time to change. Since there is no driver in the driverless metro systems, all the interventions and controls made by the driver are made by the Traffic Control Center with the help of electronic systems. In case of train failure, fire, emergency situation, the train is controlled according to the alarm information of the train in the Control Center.


On the Gebze metro line, the GoA80 driver with a capacity of one thousand 4 passengers will be used. 4 12 15,6 90 15.6 560 32 94 12 The construction of the 19 kilometer underground line between Gebze and Darica is planned to be completed and put into service in a thousand 14,7 days. A round-trip total of 900 kilometers will be made. 12 part of the line will work under the ground. It will even include the 19 station. Transportation between Darica, Gebze and OIZs will be provided in XNUMX minutes. The XNUMX meter of the line will be constructed as a XNUMX meter. Maintenance and repair of the Metro vehicles will respond to the maintenance and repair area of ​​the vehicle warehouse and control center at the end of the line will be held in the region of Pelitli. With the planned TCDD Gar station you will be connected with other cities, especially Istanbul via Marmaray and High Speed ​​Train. The journey will start from the first station, Darica Beach Station, XNUMX. and the last station, OSB station, will be completed in a short time such as XNUMX minutes.

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