KARDEMİR Announces 200 Thousand Domestic Railway Wheels

Karabuk Iron and Steel Factories (KARDEMİR) Inc. Ercüment General Manager Unal, Turkey Karabük University in his speech that the existing railway network in 12 532 thousand kilometers and it is said that in 2023 25 targeted removal of thousand kilometers. Unal, Turkey's sole national rail production in that Kardemir's brand also announced that 2023 years for rail wheel production target of 45-50 thousand in.

This year, the 4th International Rail Systems Engineering Symposium organized by Karabük University Faculty of Engineering on the 10-12 October, discusses national and international scientific and technological developments, production, safety, testing and standards in the field of rail systems.

Rector Prof. Dr. Hamit Çepni Conference Hall. Dr. Refik Polat, Vice Rector Dr. Mustafa Yaşar, General Manager of Kardemir AŞ, Ercüment Ünal, Secretary General Lütfü Köm and many academicians, students and invited guests from our country and universities of different countries participated.

Assoc. Dr. İsmail Esen

The symposium was organized by the President of the Organizing Committee of the Symposium. Dr. Ismail Esen, 2002 with a new understanding that began in the other areas, such as the development of the field of rail systems, stating that the speech continued with the following words:

I First, the classic trains were accelerated. Nowadays, some trains run at the time called YHT. Metro and light rail systems are actively operated in many cities such as Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir. Kardemir AS, which mainly produces domestic rails, has brought the wheel production plant to the stage of production. Karabük University has set up Rail Systems Engineering in 250 for its qualified personnel needs and continues its training activities. During the symposium, the participants will be informed about 2010 pieces, scientific papers 13 units and standardization certification and testing panel.

Kardemir A.Ş. General Manager Ercüment Ünal: Annual annual growth of 2,6 in the railway market

Kardemir A.Ş. General Manager Ercüment Ünal gave a presentation on em Kardemir and Rail Systems Genel at the opening of the event. Unal providing information about the history of Kardemir In his presentation, Kardemir, Turkey's largest in 2017 24. industrial enterprise.

Olan The annual growth rate of 2,6 in the rail systems market is around 10% each year, olan said Unal. The market size of rail systems in our country is constantly increasing within the scope of the existing and ongoing investments and the public budget allocated to rail systems between 29-2003 has been 2017 billion Turkish lira. Ül

"We're rebuilding of Turkey"

Kardemir, Turkey's first producing the Turkish iron and rail production in Turkey Unal, indicating that only national brand, "Turkey's existing railway network is 12 532 thousand kilometers. Looking at our 2023 plan, we aim to increase our railway network to 25 thousand kilometers. In the rail system, especially where the network where the Kardemir rail is used is intended to reach the 2 maze. It means moving on and we take into account the signaling system will be installed here means we are building in Turkey once again. 7 thousand 589 kilometers of the projects planned to be constructed will be in the project and tender stage, while the 2 bin 650 will be a new network addition. A sector that is not affected by the crisis. In the 7 bin 589 mileage section, we received these rail orders in April. In April, we had an annual order until April next year. Therefore, there is a sector that is not affected in any way in the sector, in markets or in foreign currency. Because our government is now when we look at the developed countries where the freight trucked reduced by taking the relevant measures, so I say that 'to rebuild in Turkey have already taken the decision. "He said.

Unal underlined that Kardemir is the only rail producer of our country. This investment has increased the competitiveness of our company in rail export markets and also enabled TCDD to import hardened rails imported from our company. Considering current and ongoing investments in rail system vehicles in our country, there is a need for cargo wagons and subway, tram and light rail vehicles. Ül

”We will produce an export weighted railway wheel i

Ünal stated that there are also trials in the railway wheel production system. Iğ Rail systems are a matter of importance for our government. We have made our first attempt at 24 September as the first railcar production plant, so that our beginning is the freight car. 200 has a facility to produce one thousand railway tracks. About the current need 25-30 thousand units, but in the 2023 plan 45-50 will be up to a thousand. This means that we will produce an export-weighted railway wheel. It will increase the strength of Kardemir's export markets, in addition to supplying all imported railway wheels locally. Tamamı

Rector Dr. Refik Polat

Rector Dr. Refik Polat stated that the International Rail Systems Engineering Symposium was held every two years and the first one was organized in 2012. Rector Polat "Rail Systems Engineering Department, the first and only available in Karabük University in Turkey. We would like to train the Department of Rail Systems Engineering only at Karabük University and turn it into the most beautiful. It is a proud event for us to see that our graduates of Rail Systems Engineering work in different fields. I think we will continue to train graduates who are looking for more as they sit in Rail Systems Engineering. Ray

Following the opening speeches, Gebze Technical University Faculty Member Prof.Dr. Dr. Rafig Mehdiyev made a presentation on İp Development of Heavy Duty Diesel Engines for Locomotives and Ships to Work on the Routes of the Historic Silk Road Revived by Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Railway ılan.


  1. 10 year for the production of the production of rail wheels, 20 years are expected to say that we expect XNUMX year more .. understood the cost? what is the cost?
    .kardemir will manufacture only on its own? .. can withstand competition.

  2. 10 year for the production of the production of rail wheels, 20 years are expected to say that we expect XNUMX year more .. understood the cost? what is the cost?
    .kardemir will manufacture only on its own? .. can withstand competition.

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