Live Traffic Training for Little Boys

live traffic training
live traffic training

Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Municipality Yaşar Gölcu Elementary School gave live education to its students.

Yaşar Gölcü Primary School students visited Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Services Department Traffic Management Center together with their teachers Nebiha Akcakoyunlu.

Transportation Services Department Head Yusuf Deliktaş informed the students about the working system of the Traffic Training Center and said that the children should be educated at a young age and the traffic awareness should be vaccinated.

Head of Department Deliktaş said in his statement: ım In our daily life, there are traffic signs and technological equipment that we use constantly, but we do not know them. Usually when people go to traffic courses they know as 'Traffic Culture' but in fact it is a culture that we are nested during the day. This is an application that we have made in order to teach traffic culture with the awareness of the fact that this culture is formed from a young age. Our children are pure, pristine and listen to everything without prejudice. Therefore, we thought that even the smallest information that we would cut into the minds of our little ones would make a significant contribution to the traffic culture, and this practice came to our minds for our children's education. What is going on in traffic, how to get across, what does traffic sign mean? We teach and show you the main questions and things to know. Of course, our children are still early for them, but the tree bends when it is wet. We believe that if we want to create a Traffic Culture in society, we have to educate the generation below from below, except for the education we will do to the current generation. In this sense, this was an application we made. Interesting, interesting and very interesting questions come out in interest. When we are dealing with new questions, we wanted to look at children's eyes, so we invited them. From there we will move to fleet production center and what is the consciousness of using public transport to our children, what is its culture? We will give explanations to our children. Our goal is to create awareness, but to create this difference at a young age, Ama he said.

Deliktaş, the Head of the Department, then passed on to the Public Transport Management Center and informed the children on how to control the means of transport to the community.

After the visit, a variety of gifts were given to the children and at the same time one traffic detective identification cards were given.


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