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izbande izban nightmare
izbande izban nightmare

The light rail system connecting İzmir to the north-south axis caused chaos in İZBAN this morning. Zafer Mutluer, the secretary of the ŞPO Chamber Izmir branch, said these problems were experienced due to the planning of urban transportation not with public understanding but with profit maximization.

The light rail system in İzmir, which connects İzmir with Aliağa in the south on the Selçuk route, added a new one to the faults that occurred frequently in İZBAN.

The delay of half an hour due to the failure of trains in the stations of thousands of citizens and the road to the accumulation of roads. Citizens wishing to take the train to catch up with their jobs and schools did not fit in the wagons. Citizens who were furious that the electronic signs did not work and that no explanation was made during the delay, shared their reactions on social media.

Some of those reactions are as follows:

* No place in Tepeköy İZBAN, everyone is trying to catch up with her job in the morning, what a B

* The train to Aliağa Tepeköy was broken down at the 06.43 and the other train moved at 7.30. Such a disgrace, especially in business hours, we say shame our magnificent municipality.

* There is no explanation about the delay of flights, electronic signs do not work, no announcements or information. 35 minutes I was in the station was 2 voyage but many citizens did not even take our step into the car. It is enough.

* Half an hour more than I expected in İZBAN. What the problem is the breakdown m Not to mention the 6 wagon in the morning! Thanks to you, everyone is late for work, school is standing Say

* What about people trying to catch the plane, it is responsible for the İZBAN!


Zafer Mutluer, the secretary of the Izmir Branch of the Chamber of City Planners, answered our questions about the issue. Mutuer, whom we consulted, said:

Ür If the public transportation is planned with the concern of profit maximization, which is the concept of transferring, İZBAN becomes a 'non-alternative' tool. So is the tram. Because they lifted the bus lines. Therefore, in the slightest failure to occur in these vehicles, the city is locked up. People can be late for hours. Or the crowds are forced to travel in train wagons, such as fisheries. Naturally, this situation shows the use of special vehicles and traffic. Those who are financially powerless, who have a car rather than using this ridiculous transport system, prefer their own vehicles, if any. The concept of transportation should immediately be freed from the planning of profit maximization. Because urban transportation is a fundamental right. Kent

Source : haber.sol.org.tr

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