Izmir Blue Train Coming to Ankara

izmir blue train coming to ankaraya
izmir blue train coming to ankaraya

Izmir Blue Train, which is operated by TCDD Transportation and which is the indispensable of the journeys between Central Anatolia and Aegean, starts to move from 15 to 2018 every day from Ankara Station every day since November 20.00.

20 2016 Since the date of XNUMX July XNUMX since Ankara-Eskişehir-Izmir daily, Ankara-Eskişehir YHT connected train operated, now run between Ankara-Izmir-Ankara.

İzmir Blue Train which will be added to the wagon in accordance with the demand; The 260 is a four-seat, four-seater passenger seat.

İzmir Blue Train departed from Ankara Station every day at 20.00 and passed through the Eskişehir-Kütahya-Balıkesir-Manisa provincial centers and the next day at 11.30 at Basmane Station; From the Basmane Station, the clock will move to 19.20 at 11.05 every day and reach Ankara Station.

Passengers can buy their tickets from the counter offices, from the contracted agencies, from the 444 82 customer service center, from the mobile applications and from the official website of the General Directorate of Transport of TCDD.

As known, 17 May 1984 on the Ankara-Izmir line between the Izmir Blue Train Ankara-Eskişehir-Ankara flights between Ankara-Eskisehir-Ankara due to the infrastructure work between the Eskişehir 11 July 2016 was canceled and the train between Eskisehir-Izmir-Eskisehir He had begun.


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