ITSO Praises Eskişehir Industry

The executives of Isparta Chamber of Commerce and Industry organized a business trip to Eskişehir within the scope of regional cooperation activities within the scope of industrial and service sector-developed provinces' trade and industry rooms and leading industrial facilities.

Isparta Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman Şükrü Başdeğirmen'in Isparta out of service to Isparta is not served within the framework of domestic and international business and exhibition trips continues. ITSO President Şükrü Başdeğirmen with the leadership of the new term council members, Antalya, Burdur Afyon, Konya, such as the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the leading industrial facilities visited the last weekend after a business trip to Eskisehir was held. During the visit to Eskişehir where Assembly Speaker Osman Şahlan and council members were present, Eskişehir Chamber of Commerce, Chamber of Industry, Organized Industrial Zone and the leading industrial facilities of the city were visited.

ITSO delegation made its first visit to Eskişehir Chamber of Commerce. Eskişehir Chamber of Commerce President Metin Güler, Assembly President Halil İbrahim Ara and board members were present at the meeting and a short meeting was held in the room.

ITSO President Başdeğirmen told the businessmen of Eskişehir the social, historical and touristic aspects of Isparta. Başdeğirmen said that Isparta is among the developing cities. We have important steps in industrialization. We are here to study the industry of Eskişehir, to know Eskişehir and most importantly to tell you about our province. As Isparta, we are ready for any kind of cooperation in industrialization. There are many things that you and I will learn from you. As businessmen, we care about the development and growth of our city, to increase our cooperation, and we welcome you in the best way and we will sign a joint project under the name of Eskişehir Isparta. "said.

Metin Güler, Chairman of Eskişehir Chamber of Commerce and Industry, expressed his satisfaction with the visit and gave information about Eskişehir. President Güler said, “We are very pleased to host our Isparta Chamber of Commerce and Industry in our city. As Chambers affiliated to the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges, our ties are very strong, but we contribute to the development of bilateral relations through visits made for various reasons. We both support the promotion of the province and the good practices of our Chambers set an example for both parties and create a great success. kazanWe provide three.” made statements.

Then ITSO delegation visited Eskişehir Chamber of Industry with the participation of Metin Güler, President of Eskişehir Chamber of Commerce in the Organized Industrial Zone and Halil İbrahim Ara. Celalettin Kesikbaş, President of Eskişehir Chamber of Industry, and Süha Özbay, the Speaker of the Assembly, and ITSO Chairman Başdeğirmen gave information about the economic structure of Isparta during the visit. Başdeğirmen stated that the export of Isparta has increased in recent years, and the best example of this was the increase of 784 in this year thanks to ITSO's Urge project on apple. In Isparta, our 2023 export target is 500 million dollars. We are moving forward confidently and we want to do more to contribute to the economy of our country. As Chamber of Commerce and Industry, we have been working to increase the investment of our city and to increase its investments economically. We have come to Eskişehir to see your industry in the direction of industrialization and to get an opinion on some issues. We are the most beautiful city how we live in our city how we are useful to contribute to the economic direction. We have visited our factory, we have seen that you have made important contributions to our economy, employment and export of our country. Thanks to this aspect, we are in pursuit of making more contributions by making different studies in our city. "said.

Eskişehir Chamber of Industry President Celalettin Kesikbaş also gave information about the Eskişehir industry, the economy, Isparta to cooperate and to exchange mixed opinion said they would be pleased.

Then, President of the Chamber of Industry Kesikbaş, ITSO delegation of the Eskişehir export championship of which he chaired the factory visited the Lava Metal factory.

Ümit Gezer, the Chairman of the Board of Directors and General Manager of the Factory, accompanied the team that went to Karcan Cutter Industry Company. Businessman Gezer, ITSO members of the company that produces high-tech products were given information about the works that add success to international success.

Then Eskisehir of Turkey's most important apparel brand was made during a visit to yellowing Centered Clothing Factory. ITSO delegation, who visited the factory's production facilities, was accompanied by Emar Sarar, member of the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Industry, and Alaattin Çoban, the Director of the company.

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