Istanbul New Airport's Business Certificate Is Delivered to IGA

Istanbul's new airport has been delivered
Istanbul's new airport has been delivered

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Cahit Turhan, Istanbul New Airportnın sertifikasyon sürecinin Sivil Havacılık Genel Müdürlüğü (SHGM) tarafından titiz bir şekilde sürdürüldüğünü belirterek, "4 TemmuzThe process, which started in 4, was completed as of today after a monthly study. da

In his speech at the Istanbul New Airport (IYA) Certificate Presentation (Licensing Ceremony) Ceremony, Turhan said that the airports are the vital elements of a country and that they make great contributions to the country in areas such as social, economic, cultural and employment.

Expressing that the importance of civil aviation or air transport is increasing day by day, Turhan said that INA was designed as the world's largest and connected with the continents and countries and the first phase was ready.

Turhan, safety and security in civil aviation has emerged as one of the two most important elements, stating that the airports of international standards, and that their safety, security and navigation requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Convention Annex-14 document is specified.

In addition, the Turkish Civil Aviation Law No. 2920 and the related regulations have clearly demonstrated the standards of certification, Turhan said.

Önem It is vital that these standards are met. As a matter of fact, the certification process of Istanbul New Airport has been carried out meticulously by our General Directorate of Civil Aviation. 4 The process, which started in July, was completed as of today after a monthly study of 4. The SHGM Certification Commission has prepared the report documenting that the airport meets international requirements and national requirements and made the certificate ready for signature. The SHGM certification team has completed the process by following the day-to-day requirements of airport physical conditions and safety, aviation security, navigation services throughout the 4 monthly period. G

Turhan stated that the aviation safety started at an airport and ended at the other airport and stated that there were many inspections and activities within the framework of this understanding.

SHGM's important activities at the new airport

Minister Turhan, SHGM certification team made by addressing some of the important activities, Airport Mania Plan has been prepared and to implement and plan to implement and implement all public institutions and organizations that have been distributed distribution, he said.

Kul All passenger facilities in the terminal have been determined to be in compliance with international standards and a terminal operation license has been issued, uluslararası said Turhan.

Al Regarding the airport security, all personnel working at the airport were provided with training for their jobs. Form 4 approvals have been made by the executive personnel who will be working at the airport, responsible manager, airport manager, safety manager, terminal responsible manager, manager responsible for training. The physical features of the runway, apron and taxiways and the visual aids on these coated areas were checked and a safety analysis was performed with aerial photography and measurements to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in the current Aviation Information Publication. Pist

Turhan, airport rescue and fire fighting, bird and wild animals, control of obstacles, apron management, such as operating services within the scope of the necessary standards have been established, he said.

Aviation security

Cahit Turhan, those made with respect to air navigation services by mentioning, "the ICAO Air Navigation Plan, the airspace and Air Traffic Services of the road network changes and Turkey Aeronautical Information Publications, our country flight information region in the innovations and changes, general information airport , Arrival standards, Standard Instrument Departure and Standard Instrument Landing stars have been released. ch

Turhan stated that the tests of the communication systems with the ILS system and 2 units were carried out for four runway heads.

Turhan used the following statements regarding aviation security:

Uştur The airport is assigned to the local administrative commission, the Airport Security Commission and the Training, Research and Inspection Unit (EADB) have been established. Airport security program, possible operation style plan, airport internal quality control program, air traffic management security plan, entry cards directive, patrol instruction were prepared. The airport has land side, air side, security restricted areas (GTA) and critical parts of security restricted areas and airport electronic card entry system. The installation of state-of-the-art equipment was made to screen passenger, cabin baggage, under-luggage, personnel and airport supplies. Yolcu

“Will inspire many countries“

Minister Turhan, the world's most advanced hardware, security devices and automation with the INA will continue to inspire many countries, he stressed.

Turhan, ”Today, the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure signed with the certificate of readiness to start aviation activities in the Istanbul New Airport wishes to be beneficial to our nation and I would like to thank all the participants., He said.

Turhan, who presented the certificates prepared by SHGM to Kadir Samsunlu, the CEO and General Manager of İGA Airport Facility after his speech, said: I am. kul

Turhan also signed the certificates of IGA management for providing technical competencies for operating the airport at the press conference.


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