Target Leadership at Istanbul Airport!

Istanbul airport destination leadership
Istanbul airport destination leadership

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Cahit Turhan, Istanbul Airport thanks to one-third of the world's population will be connected directly to Istanbul, and using this airport can reach anywhere in the world, said: in a few years, the second busiest in the ranking of airports, while all stages of the leadership seat to sit. "He said.

Turhan, Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Parliament Speaker Binali Yildirim and in his speech at the opening ceremony with his presence Istanbul Airport of foreign heads of state, the republic's 95. said they were happy to open the new airport on this day.

Turhan said that they built the world's largest and most comfortable airport in Istanbul and thanked President Erdoğan and the Speaker of the Grand National Assembly, Yıldırım and the related ministers, who were the main architect and pioneer of the project, who showed their support and will in every stage from the first day to the present.

Turhan, connecting the continents and countries and the world's largest airport by completing the first phase of the airport opened today by recording the record, the area of ​​the airport was previously filled with pits of idle and old mines reported.

Turhan emphasized that rehabilitating the place, turning it into a beautiful area is a big job in itself, but that this magnificent victory monument was built thanks to Erdoğan and all those who did not content with this, transformed the unimaginable ones into reality.

Turhan, hizmet 76,5 million square meters of an airport that we have built today, the first stage of the airport with the first stage of the 90 million passengers per year, when completed 200 million passengers will serve. 225 will provide employment for a thousand people and 250 will be one of the world's largest aviation centers with more than 300 flights, including international flights. Istihdam

Can not organize airline journeys to Turkey voicing Turhan make unrestricted flights to the airport, one of the world's population will be connected directly to Istanbul in three, and said the world could reach any place using this airport.

Inc Second place first, then first place ”

Turhan stated that his targets are da second place in the most busiest airports in a few years and taking the leadership seat when all stages are completed “.

Hizmet Today we will give service to the terminal; 100 is a commercial area of ​​one thousand square meters, 40 parking lot for thousand cars, children's playgrounds, exhibition halls, conference rooms, 451 rooms, places of worship, social centers such as health centers. We are also building one of the world's largest CIP halls in this airport. Within the scope of the facilities for the passenger, total 665 walkers, escalators and elevators were installed. With the mobile applications prepared, it is aimed that the passenger will easily reach the door of the plane he is going to board. Special passenger services and facilities were created for our disabled passengers. Engelli

Turhan, 42 kilometers of the latest technology luggage conveyor belt was created and the necessary measures to minimize the damage and loss of baggage reported.

Expressing that the airport is designed as the world's safest airport, Turhan explained that the airport environment is secured with the latest technology fixed and mobile camera systems and radar environment security systems.

Turhan, çok In addition, advanced technology X-Ray devices, body scanners, explosive detection devices and bomb track detectors were used in the terminal building. The 143 passenger bridge will serve the passengers and the 114 aircraft will be able to dock at the same time and the world's largest body types will be able to approach our new terminal easily. X

En The biggest infrastructure investment of the Republic at one time “

Turhan, the first stage of the project 2 full independent runway, 2 track runway, including a total of 4 tracks, connected quick-exit taxiways and aprons were opened to the service gave information.

Turhan noted that all of the runways were designed to provide a safe service to the landing and takeoff aircraft in the worst weather conditions and that there were the latest technology systems, Turhan continued.

Altı A special fuel network network of 105 kilometers has been created for all cargo and passenger transportation, and underground fuel tunnels for the transportation of airplanes. In the first stage, the average hourly 80 airplane landing-take-off capacity, and when all the stages are completed, will reach 250 airplane hourly. And we did the victory memorial with all this in a short time such as 42. At the same time, our airport is the biggest infrastructure investment project of our republic history with the investment cost of 10 billion 247 million euros. Aynı

”25 billion euros rent will be paid to the government in the 22,2 annually“

Turhan said that the financing of this project, which was carried out by build-operate-transfer method, was provided from abroad and that no public source was used. 25 said that the contractor company would pay 22 billion 152 million euros to the state in return for the annual operating period.

Expressing that the airport is an environmental friendly project that provides energy and water saving, Turhan said:

Tır In this direction, 40 energy savings will be ensured in our terminal building due to both its architectural features and the materials used. No waste water will be disposed of from the airport to the drinking water reservoir in any period from the construction stage to the operation phase. Rain and wastewater will be re-used with recycling systems at our airport. In addition, 10 million trees will be planted in coordination with the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

Turkey is a bridge between continents 3. The confluence of the continent's east and west, we have built this airport in Istanbul at the intersection of the north to the south, not only for Turkey, a project in which the world is re-written the history of civil aviation. 3 can be reached by 41 hourly flight from Istanbul to 5 country by 66 hourly flight. That is why our Istanbul Airport will be one of the most important aviation centers in the world. İşte


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