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Interrail ticket application in our lives as a combined train ticket for a more economical tour of Europe has a very popular value today by gaining additional meanings such as your backpack and your friends traveling around Europe with a certain time. In this article, we will give a little examples of our own experience, after talking about the points you do not know about Interrail, we will take a bit of European air and we will complete our article.

Firstly, although this ticket is preferred by adults, it is generally preferred by students who want to taste the cultural and historical values ​​in European countries, who do not fit in their own limits, who are adventurous and who want to make their wishes in a more economical way. Our idea of ​​a train trip to Europe as a 3 student is to wonder if we can go to Paris / Disneyland on a cool evening in Ankara. Our questions have begun by taking spark. We wanted to visit Europe in line with our own economic conditions, and we wished to have a pleasant and amusing trip to Europe with our enjoyable time spent in Disneyland. As a person who does not know Interrail, I wonder if I can fly to Europe and fly to Europe. However, when you see current flight prices and make a small calculation, your enthusiasm is suddenly fading and you find yourself searching for cheap European travel words on Google, and as a result you meet with Interrail train tickets. However, before you buy this ticket to the country / countries you are planning to go to the visa process for the visit to remind you.

What are the Ticket Options?

There are two types of tickets most preferred in Interrail. The first of these is the Interrail Global Pass Card (a ticket that allows you to take the train in European countries within a certain period of time) and the second one is a Country Pass Card (a ticket that allows unlimited number of trips to the train in a single time only in one country). These ticket types are divided into subcategories according to the validity period of the ticket and how many days they will be traveling by train. These two tickets are grouped together in several countries; There are also ferry tickets to Greece or Italy and tickets for extra services in Italy and Spain.

Ticket Selection How To ...

We decided that 3 is valid for 16 days after we planned our 1 daily travel route starting from Barcelona as a friend 15 and then going to Paris-Prague-Munich and most recently in Amsterdam. . You can also determine in which city you will stay and how many days you will be using the train. Since we have decided which ticket is suitable for us, we can buy InterRail ticket from TCDD with all the stations open to international ticket sales in İstanbul, from Gençtur, Cosmopolitan, Viking Tourism, from Uygar Tours in Ankara and from Ayanis Tourism Travel Agencies in Van. However, you must obtain your Schengen visa before getting your Interrail ticket. The reason for this is that since there is no InterRail quotation ticket, 3 can be taken up to and before 1 days before the month. Do not forget to take your passport with you because you will receive your ticket at the most appropriate sales points. In addition, you do not have to start your ticket in a specific country. If I InterRail gives you the right to a free flow and a return consisting of two train ticket if you also want to start from Turkey. It will be better to save time if you can find a faster type of airplane-style, which will not enforce you economically in the country or city where you are going to travel.

Plan Considerations

If you have an Interrail experience before and if you have friends who live in certain hostel or hotels, we advise you to ask them for their personal experiences other than our blog. People who have experience in every InterRail experience have different experiences and the more knowledge you have, the more advantageous you are in every situation on your journey. If you do not have such a possibility, you can have an additional look at the blog posts of other people with interrail experience. Let's go to the stage of deciding where to stay and how to choose them. We strongly recommend you to review carefully the positive reviews and reviews on and These comments are of great importance because they are written by the real people who have experienced the importance. With more or less people in Europe, there are accommodation types, such as hostels or hostels where you can stay mixed, and the price of the accommodation varies depending on the time you book and how many people you stay with.

Are Prices Changing?

For example, you want to stay in Barcelona in the middle of the summer and do not want to stay in the same room with more people, so your accommodation fees will be slightly above the average. Since your safety and cleanliness is very important in your stay, I recommend you to filter your research accordingly. As a group of 3 people, we attached great importance to this and at our first stop in Barcelona, ​​Hola Hostel; The room entrance where you stayed collectively was only with the card defined for those staying in the room, opening personal cabinets with a special card for you again, paying great attention to hygiene and having many security cameras met our expectations in this regard. The Interrail ticket does not include guidance and accommodation fees on your trip. You need to pay extra fees such as seat reservation and bed reservation on night trains.

However, since some sleeper trains are cheaper than the hostel or hotel where you stay that night, you can prefer night sleeper trains to reach your next travel point, and you can benefit from both money and time. You need to make reservation processes for each train separately, and some trains require this procedure. Reservation fees are usually 1 € to 10 € for second-class tickets, of course, the high speed trains mentioned on that line can increase. If you do not want to pay this extra fee, you can choose alternative links that do not have to be booked in many routes. However, in some cases, you should plan this step well as it will increase the time you spend on this train or your waiting time and the hotel check-in time you designate in the next city will affect your trip plan.

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