Last Knot at Inegol Ring Road


In addition to the city center, the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, which continued its transportation investments in the 17 district, provided a new bridge on the İnegöl Ahmet Türkel Ring Road, while the Ankara road connection of the ring road was also divided. As in all districts in Inegol, priorities of infrastructure and transportation investments indicating that the Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktas, transport step by step towards their goals, he said.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which gives priority to the investments in Bursa and its districts, provides a sensible relief in the traffic density in the city center with its smart junction applications, road expansion and rehabilitation works, continues its investments in İnegöl district without losing its speed. The section of the Ahmet Türkel Ring Road, which was built by İnegöl Municipality, was completed by the Metropolitan Municipality in front of the Deydinler Bridge. While an additional bridge was built next to the existing bridge that did not meet the need, the extension of the 3 kilometer was extended to Ankara as an important boulevard.

Quality came to roads

Within the scope of the ongoing transportation investments in İnegöl district, Bahçekaya Bridge which is inadequate to meet the need was renewed. Within the scope of the studies carried out by the Directorate of Transportation Department of the Metropolitan Municipality, 2,6 mile hot asphalt in the Konurlar Quarter, 7 mile hot asphalt between Maden and Gazelli, 3,5 mile hot asphalt in the inner and inner roads of the Hayriye neighborhood, and 4,2 mile hot asphalt coating to Sulhiye were performed. Again, around 30 kilometers were covered on the roads in the Islesoren, Karakadi, Iclaliye, Mezitler, Guneykestane, Sulhiye, Akbaslar, Bahariye, Findikli, Tahtakopru and Bahcekaya Neighborhoods.

We are approaching targets

Mayor Alinur Aktas, 2018'u 'road year' at the beginning of the season, and all the districts have initiated an asphalting move, recalling that the Metropolitan teams do not leave a single neighborhood, he said. Reminding that they considered the 17 district of Bursa as a whole, President Aktaş said, ı The construction of the bridge on the İnegöl ring road was a continuing work. We have said that all the remaining jobs will be completed immediately. The construction of the bridge on Ahmet Türkel Ring Road was completed and started to be used. We will also complete the studies on the regulation of the refuge in a short time. We are moving step by step towards the targets that we set at the beginning of the season regarding transportation başında.


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