E-Filling Period in Public Transportation in Konya

Konya Metropolitan Municipality has started to fill the elkartları used in public transportation charges in addition to the widespread dealers and tolls throughout the city.

Konya Metropolitan Municipality public transportation charges are now being used to fill the elkartları.

Konya Metropolitan Municipality, which has a common elkart filling network with 382 box office and dealer in Konya, has started to fill the internet over the internet in order to prevent problems in case of not being able to fill the counties and the dealers.

Atus.konya.bel.tr or the Metropolitan Municipality's Smart Public Transportation System (ATUS) website http://www.konya.bel.tr It can be filled in with a credit card by entering the system with the TR Identity Number or card number from the elkart section at.

Konya Metropolitan Mayor Uğur İbrahim Altay said, “We opened another innovation that our fellow citizens who use Elkart wanted. In addition to making inquiries over the internet, handcard loads were also started over the internet. Best wishes. I give my opinion and thank my brothers who are instrumental in the service. ”


Those who want to refill Elkart using a bank card http://atus.konya.bel.tre-filling process. e-card to be filled in the personalized (photo, a TC ID number is registered) or card number must be known. When the device is in loading mode, it is enough to press the green button on the card reader device (validator) in the public transportation vehicle or turnstiles which will be used to activate the card that is being filled.

Detailed information atus.konya.bel.t is can be reached from.

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