Hyperloop Journey Is Not Expensive From Train Trip

hyperloop working principle
hyperloop working principle

📩 18/03/2023 21:05

British billionaire Richard Branson, founder and CEO of the Virgin group of companies, shared new details about the company's hyperloop efforts. Branson also mentioned the hyperloop ticket price

The Virgin group of companies, founded by British billionaire Richard Branson and sitting in the CEO's seat, participates in the hyperloop race with its subsidiary named Virgin Hyperloop One. Although Hyperloop Transportation Technologies company introduced its first full-scale hyperloop capsule in the past few weeks, Hyperloop One continues to compete with its work in India. Branson, who is also the president of Hyperloop One, made important statements about the company's plans.

5 hourly journey will land in 30 minutes

Speaking to CNBC, Richard Branson stated that they are very close to using the company's first hyperloop system in India, while the first hyperloop line could be used next year. According to Branson's comments, the first hyperloop line will serve between Mumbai and Pune cities of India. Stating that the land trip between these two cities took 5 hours, Branson added that many accidents occurred in this nightmare-like journey.

Explaining that they will install a hypleroop line on the side of the highway connecting the two cities, Branson emphasized that the 5-hour journey will be much shorter. The journey will be completed in just over half an hour, and accidents may be reduced as land use will decrease. On the other hand, the company is evaluating hyperloop options in Dubai and Saudi Arabia. Stating that they are meeting with the hypleroop line to the new airport in Dubai, Branson added that they are discussing a line passing through the desert in Saudi Arabia.

Hyperloop will be cheaper

How fast the first hyperloop network will allow is currently unknown, but the ultimate goal for the hyperloop system is to reach 1200 kilometers per hour. This will make hyperloop as fast a means of transportation as air travel. Of course, at this point, passengers are wondering how much they will pay for the hyperloop journey. Speaking about this, Richard Branson explained that “hyperloop tickets will not be more expensive than high-speed train tickets”. Branson also stressed that they will constantly try to lower the fare for the ticket.

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