Historical Stations Are Placed in New Locations in Istanbul

Renewed Gebze-Halkalı Historic Bakırköy and Yeşilköy stations in the suburban line were protected and placed in new places.

The two buildings of Bakırköy station, which has been serving Istanbul for more than 100 years, are being restored. The buildings are going to be the fastest train station after the restoration is completed. Previously only the suburban line that even now has the 3 line.

Two of the lines will take the suburban trains and the other will pass the high speed train. 38 new station was built along the renewed line.

Yeşilköy's historical station was placed in its new location

One of the station buildings moved is Yeşilköy. The historical station building of Yeşilköy is located right next to the new station. The building, whose restoration is completed, is planned to be considered as a museum in the coming days.

Gebze-Halkalı 115 will be connected to Marmaray.

The line is scheduled to be put into service at the end of the year.

Source: TRT Haber



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