History Doctor Wagon Meets Usak

historic doctor wagon
historic doctor wagon

The Doctor's Wagon (Sanitary Emergency Wagon), which was restored by the TCDD İzmir 3rd Regional Directorate, was brought to Uşak Gar to be exhibited as part of the 95th Anniversary of the Republic.

Our Republic 95. Uşak Governor Salim Demir organized a painting exhibition titled ız Sanitary Transportation Wagon “and“ Uşak Stations and Railways in the Independence War üzere. Deputy Governor Sait Topoğlu and Uşak Province General Assembly President Mehmet Nacar, TCDD 3 Deputy Director Mehmet Soner Baş, Retired Health Director Cengiz Uzuncan, Service Managers and staff attended the opening ceremony. Governor Demir opened the wagon after the opening of the information received from the authorities.

In the first years of the Republic, the villages and towns where there is no health center, 3 ın Doctor Wagon görev (Sanitary Carrier), which was equipped with special medical devices with doctors, nurses and nurses, including operating rooms, pharmacy and patient beds, was introduced.


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