Train Crash in India, 100 Dead

India train crash 100
India train crash 100

In the accident in India, a train entered the crowd gathered to watch the 'Dussehra' festival. It was announced that 100 people lost their lives.

The political leader of Punjab province, Amarinder Singh, said that he would set out to oversee the aid and rescue operations towards the province's capital as soon as he could, when the fire brigades and ambulances arrived at the incident, law enforcement agencies in the area began the removal of the wounded from the wreckage and wreckage.

The accident, the local people celebrated with enthusiasm in the fall of the popular Hindu festival Dussehra traditionally held during the ritual of the burning of the statue was lived during the time passed.

During the celebration of the feast, the turkeys set the devil-shaped statue with fire and flammable materials. Meanwhile, those who did not hear the train coming due to loud noise remained under the train. Feast celebrations turned into a disaster.
It was learned that most of the losses came from the two wagons next to the engine that was damaged and turned upside down.



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