Getting to Istanbul's New Airport is More Expensive than Flying

Approximately 33 TL is available to the new airport in Istanbul from the city center by private car, but the parking fee is not yet clear. Taxi is holding 190 TL.

29 The first flight of THY will be in October at the Istanbul New Airport, which is scheduled to open in October. Turkish Airlines (THY) has determined the all inclusive ticket price of domestic flights as 31 Turkish Lira. However, it is still not clear how public transport will be. 59. because there is only one line public bus to the airport, the 3 option remains. Approximately 2 TL from the city center by private car, but the parking fee is not yet clear; The taxi fare is 33 TL.

SözcüAccording to the news of Deep Gokce, the airport is the easiest two ways to go. The first is E-5, the second is TEM. For example, when you go from the city center (Beşiktaş) to the first road (E-5), the total road is 73.7 km. When the second route (TEM) is reduced, the road length is further reduced and the 66 is reduced to km. However, the box office fee comes into play here. When the 0.45 diesel vehicle that burns an average of 1.6 cents per hour goes over the E-5, the cost is 33.16 TL. When it goes over TEM, an account such as 32.45 TL appears (including a toll). However, the parking problem here also comes into play. No car park yet. Even though it is not known how much will be charged.

If you are a citizen who wants to use a taxi you have to pay more money. A taxi leaving the E-5 route is 190.50 TL, and the cost of a taxi from TEM is 175.75.


Bus number 48 F, which only runs from Mecidiyeköy to Istanbul New Airport, is currently underway. Apart from that, there is no other public transportation vehicle going here.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality officials announced that the new lines will be launched in October at 29.

10 18 150 27 468 702 755 823 18 IETT's estimated cost XNUMX million pounds XNUMX million pounds of the tender to offer XNUMX million XNUMX thousand TL offer Istanbul Bus Co won the bid. However, the XNUMX line and cost of the subject has not been clarified yet.

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