Secretary General Gökçe Describes the 'Izmir Model' in Gaziantep

General Secretaries of Greater Municipalities. General Secretary of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality attended the experience sharing meeting. Buğra Gökçe, Gaziantep 'Izmir Model' told. Speaking in Izmir Model study of a study that will be an example to many in Turkey, he stressed Dr. Gökçe said, “İzmir model speaks of improving the quality of life, implementing projects with participatory methods, innovation and sustainability besides classical municipal services Gök.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Dr. Mr. Grant Gokce, Union of Municipalities of Turkey (TBB), organized by the 'Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Experience Sharing attended the meeting. TBB President and Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Fatma Şahin, TBB Secretary General Hayrettin Güngör and the general secretaries and heads of departments of 30 metropolitan municipalities attended the meeting held in Gaziantep. In the second session of the 3-day meeting, Dr. Mr. Grant Gokce, "Izmir model work, what it can do to increase the development of urban local governance and standards of living and studying how to follow a path method, critical and Turkey & rsquo; s say a work to set an example to many. We made an effort to reflect our view of life, people, nature, air, water and soil in our projects and we got the result. For example, the fact that we are ahead of the day in environmental, water and agricultural investments is the result of this 14-year effort. Our project made in agriculture and rural garnered the admiration of the world beyond the borders of Turkey. The Izmir model talks about something other than classical municipal services; "Increasing the quality of life, implementing projects with a participatory method, innovation and sustainability".

New era in public transportation
Gokce also gave information about the system in which Izmir Metropolitan Municipality will work more efficiently under the umbrella of ESHOT under the umbrella of ESHOT. 300 km between Bergama and Ephesus. there is. All of them have private transportation. It is not a smart management approach to expect the bus companies that have lost the metropolitan municipalities on such long lines to come and go with two passengers and make a profit. For this, it is necessary to ensure that the special transportation systems are integrated into the municipal institutions. Parliament made an arrangement on the last day of the last legislative year. For the first time, it has introduced a regulation on cooperatives in this sense and now we are working on this issue. We will go to get services from unions and cooperatives that provide transportation services throughout the city. They will be in ESHOT in the same garage, from minibuses to chauffeur clothes and rules and İzmirimkart will pass in these vehicles. It is one of the distinguishing features within the Izmir Model ”

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