Works Started in Gebze Metro

📩 24/12/2018 17:03

When it is completed, work has started at Gebze-Darıca Metro, which is planned to be integrated into the metro network in Istanbul.

The first pickaxe was hit on the metro line to be built between Gebze and Darica districts of Kocaeli, where the industrial establishments are the busiest. When the metro line, which costs approximately 2 billion 797 million 169 thousand TL, is completed, it is planned to be integrated into the metro network in Istanbul. Gebze Mayor Adnan Köşker, who visited the area where the Gebze-Darıca metro line works were carried out, made investigations in the area. Mayor Adnan Köşker, who came to the metro construction site established in Gebze Cumhuriyet Square, received information from the site officials about the works. Köşker, who supervises the ongoing works in the metro project that will serve between Gebze, Darıca and OSBs, said, “The first pickaxe in our subway was hit in our Republic Square. We wished our teammates a lot by examining the works on the spot. I hope the traffic will breathe in our Gebze when it is finished, comfort will be increased in transportation. ”

The Gebze-Darıca metro line, which will be integrated with the Istanbul metro, will be 15,6 kilometers long and will consist of 12 stations. When the line, which is planned to be put into service 52 months after the site delivery is completed, transportation between Darica, Gebze and OIZs will be provided in 19 minutes. Gebze-Darica Metro, which will be completed in 4 years and 4 months, will be equipped with the latest technology and will serve as a fully automatic driverless subway at the 4th automation level (GoA4). The line, which will use the GoA80 driverless metro, which consists of 4 vehicles with a capacity of 4 thousand passengers, will be convenient for 90-second intervals thanks to its signaling equipment. The line, which will operate 94 percent underground, will be built as 14,7 kilometers of tunnel and 900 meters as level. Maintenance and repair area, vehicle warehouse and control control center that will respond to all kinds of maintenance and repair of metro vehicles will be held in Pelitli region at the end of the line. With the planned TCDD Station station, connection will be provided with other cities, especially Istanbul, via Marmaray and high-speed train.

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