Galatasaray-Schalke Extends Its Istanbul Metro Schedules Due To 04 Match

galatasaray schalke 04 expands ibb subway due to maci
galatasaray schalke 04 expands ibb subway due to maci

📩 07/11/2018 18:57

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, the European Champions League today will be played against the Galatasaray-Schalke 04 encounter on the request of the metro extended the time until the 01.00.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality's subsidiary Metro Istanbul, representing our country in the European Champions League, tonight, Schalke 04 will play with the request due to the match, extended the time of the expedition.

It will be at night 22.00 Galatasaray-Schalke 04 match hours to go to the support of the fans to extend the 01.00'ye announced to be extended.

The announcement made with the title duyuru Time Change due to Match! Iyle is as follows:
Dear passengers; 24 October 2018 Our matches were extended to 22.00 for the Galatasaray-Schalke 04 competition, which will be played in Champions League Group D in 01.00 on Wednesday. We wish you success in the Galatasaray Sports Club, which represents our country in the Champions League.


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