Transportation Investments in Eyüpsultan

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📩 06/11/2018 20:07

Eyüpsultan Mayor Remzi Aydın gave information about the investments that will literally pass the age in transportation to Eyüpsultan.

Mayor Remzi Aydın stated that the Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mevlüt Uysal made a statement regarding the new lines, especially regarding the transportation to the New Airport.

“He said these lines will be 50 percent off for the first three months. Therefore, there will be land transportation from the relevant locations to the airport. Of course, in a similar way, there will be ring lines, shuttle or shorter distance lines, whether to the metro or the tram. Our Metropolitan Municipality continues its activities with the slogan 'Subway everywhere, metro everywhere'.

Here there is a standard for a maximum walking distance of 100 meters. Therefore, you will be able to get on a land vehicle or a rail system for a distance after 100 meters. Whether it is a subway or a tram, if you have a distance from your home to this station, these lines will be fed by small lines. "


In his statement, President Aydın also touched on the traffic problem and parking problem in Rami Cuma and Rami Yeni Mahalles.

“In this sense, the decision of the traffic commission regarding Rami passed through UKOME. We will start its implementation soon. The project regarding the narrowing and widening of the pavements in order to make the parking one-sided and some of the streets to be one-way is over. I hope our Directorate of Science Affairs will start to implement.

Of course, these are temporary for the solution of Rami's traffic or parking problem. Essentially, solving parking means solving the traffic problem for Rami. We can say that the traffic problem in Rami will definitely be solved with the completion of the parking project for thousands of vehicles under the Rami Barracks. "


Stating that the Bayrampaşa - Eyüpsultan tram line project, which will be integrated into the Eminönü - Eyüpsultan tram line, is continuing, President Aydın said that the second half of 2019 is targeted as the start date of the project.