Durmazlar Holding Rolled Up Sleeves for Domestic Subway

do not stand for the domestic subway
do not stand for the domestic subway

Producing Turkey's first domestic tram, one of the leading players in the industrial sector Durmazlar Holding rolled up sleeves for domestic subway. The company, which entered the rail systems sector with the Durmaray brand at 2009 and produces trams with 70 percent domesticity today, increased this ratio to 87 with its latest work with Aselsan. Durmazlar Makina has the know-how that can produce domestic and national subway today Durmazlar Holding Vice Chairman Fatma Durmaz Yılbirlik said, “We have infrastructure for Metro production. If the task is given, we produce Turkey's first indigenous underground, "he said.

Durmazlar Machines today that domestic workers in different provinces 98 Total tram and light rail vehicle is transferred Yılbirlik Fatma Durmaz, Turkey's first tram gave the information that they will make exports to Poland. Durmaz said, iz We will export 20 trams to Poland. The construction of the trams is underway and we will make the delivery at 2020. ” Durmaz stated that they entered the rail systems sector at the first 2009 and said: “Our first tram, called İpekböceği, served in Bursa at 2013. Afterwards, 2015 Light Rail System (HRS) and 60 two-way tram projects, which were tendered by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, were followed at 12. Panorama, the new generation design of our company, started to serve in Samsun with 2016 vehicle in 8 and in Kocaeli with two-way 12 vehicle. Kocaeli Municipality demanded more 6 vehicles. This is under construction ”.

In addition to rail systems, sheet metal processing machine production Durmazlar Holding holding the machine brand, is among the first 5 companies in the world in this field. Fatma Durmaz Yılbirlik explained that they produce 5 thousand machines annually and that they export to 120 country and that they have distributorship in 80 country. "We're doing it 4.0 indexed manufacturing industry," said Yılbirlik, he continued: "We set up its first R & D center in the field of production technologies in Turkey. Our engineers are working in this center close to 200. Here we developed 120 patented products. Stating that the group's turnover reached 150 million euros, Yılbirlik added that they will catch up with their growth rates this year.

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