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Funda Ocak, General Manager and Chairman of the State Airports Authority, announced the increase in passenger statistics for some of our airports in the east and southeast in September from their official Twitter account. Thanks to the large investments made by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, the shares of our General Manager Ocak who stated that our cities in the east and southeast are the door neighbors of our big cities are as follows:

We are proud of bringing the biggest aviation projects in the history of the Republic under the leadership of our Ministry and making the whole country accessible and accessible. Today, the beautiful cities of the east and south-east have almost become neighbors with our big cities, thanks to these large investments.

Thanks to the policies of our President with the directives “The airline will be the way of the people, every Turkish citizen will get on the plane”, travel by plane is not a dream, it has come true, thank goodness.

The data released by our company shows that the total passenger traffic in September was 4,4 with an increase of 20.785.281 compared to the same month of the previous year. Statistics show the interest of our people to the airline in the Eastern and Southeastern regions.

Let's take a look at the September traffic of some airports in our eastern and southeastern provinces? Compared to the same month of the previous year, total passenger increase in September was 34 at Bingöl Airport, with 20.047% increase, and 12 at Şırnak Şerafettin Elçi Airport, with an increase of 35.073%,

Ağrı Ahmed-i Hani Airport increased by 10%, 27.725, Batman Airport increased by 10%, 52.376, Mardin Airport increased by 7% 64.846, Hakkâri Yüksekova Selahattin Eyyubi Airport with 6% increase 19.822, Iğdır Şehit Bülent Aydın Airport 2, an increase of 26.232%,

It was 1 with an increase of 45.305% in Erzincan Airport, 1 with an increase of 124.162% in Hatay Airport and 1 with an increase of 51.754% in Sivas Nuri Demirağ Airport.

I would like to thank all my colleagues and the employees of our stakeholder organizations for providing service to our passengers with great effort and responsibility at all of our airports.

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