Disability Citizen Does Not Take the Bus Criminal

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) reported that the driver of the disabled driver who was found not to have a disabled citizen bus was canceled and dismissed.

In the statement made by the municipality, it was stated that the driver of a red-colored bus affiliated to Istanbul Bus Inc. did not take a disabled citizen to the vehicle, and the bus driver with the code numbered B-36 working on the 1846 CE (Cebeci-Eminönü) line approached the Karaköy station. a disabled citizen wanted to get in the car, and the relevant car driver continued on his way without getting a disabled citizen. ” The statement said.

In the statement where the relevant driver was punished, the following were recorded:

“As soon as we received our incident administration, the investigation was initiated and our audit team was directed to the scene. As a result of the work done, the certificate of the driver who carried out the incident was confiscated, and his duty was withdrawn, a violation report was created about the vehicle operator with the defect in the incident and the related driver, and sent to the Sanction Commission. ”


In the statement made by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, “All of our vehicle fleet serving in Istanbul public transportation has vehicle standards suitable for disabled access. One of the most important topics in the certification and training process of every driver in our vehicles includes the use of existing equipment in our vehicles and the obligations of our drivers to use these equipment in order to facilitate communication and travel with our disabled citizens. ” expressions were included.

Reminding that the necessary operator and driver will be done, the statement said:

“However, due to the fact that some of our drivers act illegally from time to time, individual events of this kind may occur. As soon as the incident reached our administration, our inspection teams were directed, the driver was dismissed, and the investigation and enforcement process about his responsible operator and driver continues. We respectfully announce to the public that we will never tolerate such misconduct. ”



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