Digital Silk Road from Turkey Overtakes

digital silk road going through turkiyem
digital silk road going through turkiyem

Siemens' top executives Cedrik Neike and Hüseyin Gelis, who attended the BRICA Istanbul Summit, emphasized the importance of digitalization

Ğinde BRICA Summit TÜ which will cover the dates of 18-19 October was hosted by TÜSİAD in Istanbul. the development of multilateral economic relations in the region and Turkey attending the summit will provide a positive contribution to the promotion of Siemens AG Member of the Board of Cedrik Neik; He stated that Siemens will make significant contributions to the cooperation by establishing bridges between member countries and project participants under BRI. The Siemens Turkey, Chairman and CEO Hüseyin Gelis, the historic "Silk Road" of the digitalization of Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) stressed the importance of.

The Istanbul Summit of BRICA (Belt and Road Industry and Trade Association), which is described as the reflection of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) announced by the Chinese government in 2013, has started. The first summit was held in Egypt, this time hosted by TÜSİAD in Istanbul. Turkey and China as well as from the business world different continents, academia and the summit with the participation of civil society leading representatives, Siemens AG board member Cedrik Neik and President of Siemens Turkey Board and CEO Hüseyin Gelis also took place.

Siemens, which supports this important meeting, is aiming to contribute to the investments that will take place within the framework of BRI (Belt and Road Initiative), especially in the areas of energy management, transportation infrastructure and digitalization. Acting with the vision of the Digital Silk Road, Siemens organized a separate BRI Summit under the title kon Connecting, Creating, Collaborating kon in Beijing, China in June, and discussed the road map on this subject.

Speaking at the panel on the arasında Generation and Road Initiative yap of the summit in Istanbul, Siemens AG Board Member Cedrik Neike emphasized that BRI is among the most comprehensive initiatives of our time. In his speech, Neike said: üç As Siemens, we aim to achieve three main goals by supporting BRI. First of all, we aim to help BRI countries to realize their critical projects by cooperating with our project partners and customers in the countries involved. Secondly, we want to increase multilateral cooperation by undertaking the mission of bridging between different economic regions, business partners and countries. Thirdly, we aim to provide serious support for digitalization and to shape this future so that BRI, which we call Digital Silk Road, will have a successful future. Olarak

BRICE Istanbul Summit that the attempt to reach the point where the target's attention to the importance of digitalisation Siemens Turkey, Chairman and CEO Hüseyin Gelis is participating in the "Digital Belt and Road" follows the panel, said: "Siemens as Turkey, important centers in the continent and the global economy we care about the organization of this summit in Istanbul. I believe that Siemens will make a significant contribution to BRI's sustainable success with innovative products, solutions and applications in the field of digitalization. Beyond being a one-time series of infrastructure projects, we can turn the BRI into a real I Digital Silk Road na with our breakthroughs in digitalization. We will continue to support successful, open and fair international cooperation by offering innovative and digital technologies to projects that will be realized within the scope of this initiative. Bu

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