Today in History: 1 October 1937 Çatalağzı-Zonguldak line

catalagzi zonguldak line
catalagzi zonguldak line

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Today in History
1 October 1882 II.Abdulhamid Requested the establishment of reform commissions in order to negotiate the reforms to be made in the empire and to inform the results of the special will sent to the application. Nafia, Hasan Fehmi Pasha, Nafia, the commission of reform, which must be done in the fields of trade, industry and agriculture was established.
On October 1, 1890, Zurich Railway Bank with 63 million francs capital was established. The bank bought Deutsch Bank and Vienna Bank Verein's acquisition from Baron Hirsch and 88 thousand shares of Rumeli railways for 72.355.509 francs.
1 October 1893 Construction of the Thessaloniki-Istanbul junction line, the concession of which was given to the French, began. The line was opened on April 1, 1896.
1 October 1922 Elvanlar and parts up to South Korea have been completely repaired. Souths-Mansions part was crossed with variant line because of the collapse of 2 bridge. Thus, contact with Izmir was made. Sarıköy-Eskişehir and Osmaneli-Bilecik parts were repaired.
1 October 1935 Çankırı-Atkaracalar line is in operation.
1 October 1936 Baladız-Burdur stations (24 km) are connected together. The contractor was Nuri Demirağ.
1 October 1937 Çatalağzı-Zonguldak line (10km) has been opened.
1 October 1938 Ich-Kemah line (54 km) line is opened.
1 October 1950 Ilıca-Palamutlu line has been shut down.

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