Airplane Accident Exercise in Çanakkale Strait

In order to minimize the effects of airplane crashes and to test operational activities, it is not the fact that there are drills held in coordination with our airports.

Within the scope of the Emergency Plan, the high performance of our RFF teams drew attention in the exercises organized with the participation of relevant institutions and organizations in Ağrı Ahmed-i Hani, Şanlıurfa GAP and Çanakkale Airports.

Plane accident drill in the Dardanelles

A plane crash drill was carried out under the coordination of Çanakkale Airport. As a result of the scenario, search and rescue activities were carried out on the sea.

Ağrı Ahmed-i Hani and Şanlıurfa GAP drills

In Ağrı Ahmed-i Hani and Şanlıurfa GAP, fire and rescue exercises were carried out. According to the scenario, an airplane was subjected to an accident during the landing and the necessary interventions were made quickly. In the exercise carried out at our Sanliurfa Airport, the model simulation plane prepared by our airport was used.


Günceleme: 25/10/2018 17:34

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