Otogara Service Lifted Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Arrived

bus stop service samsun bigsehir imdada yetisti
bus stop service samsun bigsehir imdada yetisti

In accordance with the decisions taken by the companies engaged in intercity bus processing, they decided to stop the free shuttle transportation service they give to the Intercity Bus Terminal from the offices in the city.

In line with the instructions of Zihni Şahin, the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, who gave instructions to prevent our people from experiencing a grievance upon this decision, ş We have created an alternative to the transportation of our people to the bus terminal by creating three new lines that will be operated by Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Samulaş. These lines; Municipality houses, Republic Square and Ondokuz May University will move to the Otogar 24 hours to provide uninterrupted service.

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality President Zihni Sahin made a statement on the subject, said. . In accordance with the decision taken by the companies that handled the cities between the cities of the cities, they have decided to stop the free shuttle transportation services they have provided for the transportation to the bus station. We will be operated by Samulaş to ensure that our citizens will not be victimized and we decided to start three new lines on 19 October 2018 Friday from 13 on a twenty-four hour basis. Our bus lines, which will be terminated at the bus station and will use the T1 and T2 T3 codes, will be accessible from the municipality houses, Cumhuriyet Square and Ondokuz Mayıs University.

The T1 line will return from the University, the T2 line will move from Republic Square and the T3 line will return from the bus terminal in Soğuksu at the beginning of the hour.

T1 19 May University Hospital Emergency Room, Atatürk Boulevard - Youth Park - 100. Year Boulevard - Ilıca Junction - 2. In the route of Bulvar Road - Research Hospital - Bus Station,

T2 line from Republic Square, Ataturk Boulevard - Youth Park - 100. Yıl Bulvarı - Mevlana Street - Fevzi Çakmak - İlyasköy - Çatalarmut - Bus Station route,

T3 line from Soğuksu Post Offices - Town Hall - Piazza - Kılıçdede - 56s - High School Street - Atatürk Boulevard - Cumhuriyet Square - 19 Mayıs Bulvarı - 100. It will serve on Yıl Boulevard - Barış Boulevard - Research Hospital - Otogar route.


Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Samulaş A.Ş. and Private Public Buses provide 6 separate line public transportation services to the city terminal during the day.

These Ones;

From the direction of Atakum, Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Samulaş A.Ş. E5 Express Line, which operates under the name of Atatürk Airport (Atatürk Square, Research Hospital and Bus Station via Atatürk Boulevard, Balaç - Beypınar - Derecik - Bus Station - Research Hospital - Obelisk - Baruthane Station - Otagar) R6 Ring ,

22 Number operated by Private Public Buses (Soğuksu, Municipal Houses, Atatürk Boulevard, Cumhuriyet Square, Bankalar Street, Subaşı, Teacher Center, Barış Boulevard, Research Hospital, Bus Station), 23 Number (Soğuksu, City Hall, Atatürk Boulevard, Cumhuriyet Square, Bankalar Street, Subaşı, Teacher's Office, Barış Bulvarı, Research Hospital, Bus Station), 24 Number (Private Bus Line 24 Number Ondokuz Mayıs University, Atatürk Boulevard, Vatan Street, Cağaloğlu, Nişantaşı Street, Atatürk Boulevard, 100. Yıl Boulevard, Bus Station) and 25 numbered Hat (Soguksu, 200 Houses, Gaziosmanpasa, City Hall, Ataturk Bulvari, Muhittin Ozkefeli Boulevard, Istiklal Street, Karadeniz Street, Akdeniz Street, Maternity Hospital, Gazi State Hospital, Aziziye Street, Sehit Korhan Ekiz Boulevard, Ilyaskoy, Baris Boulevard, Research Hospital, Bus Station) serves.


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