Rail Transportation Line to Bursa City Hospital!

rail transportation to bursa city hospital
rail transportation to bursa city hospital

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktas shared the Master Plan with Beşevler Small Industry Craftsmen and said that they plan a rail system line from Emek to provide more convenient transportation to the City Hospital with 1355 beds.

Bursa, the steps will carry the future with determination while listening to the problems of all segments of the community in the Bursa Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktas, met with the trades of Beşevler Sanayi Sitesi. AK Party Bursa deputy Efkan Ala, AK Party Bursa Provincial Chairman Ayhan Salman and Metropolitan Municipality bureaucrats were present at the meeting which took place in Beşevler Industrial Site Operation Cooperative building. The industrial shopkeepers had the chance to present President Aktaş's thanks to the relief of the transportation problem of Bursa and to present their problems and solutions.

I'm part of the city

After he took office, he went down to the site and made contact with the citizens and reminded that everyone showed the transportation and traffic as the first problem to be solved in Bursa. Erek I am part of this city. I want this city to be beautiful. Industry, trade, infrastructure, buildings. We strive with our team to be in a manner that is worthy of the essence of Bursa. There are shortcomings, half the jobs are trying to complete them. We need to grow Bursa. But first we need to have a road map. Bursa has a large population from many European countries. There is 17 county and 1058 neighborhood alone. Our new road map will be the 1 / 100 bin scale plan, which we will share with the public with new developments and new expansions. At the end of 2020, Bursa will no longer talk about traffic, transportation. While making these investments, we are also trying to correct our economy. At the moment we touched the city's transportation problem with little touches, but we have now shown the trailer of the movie. Şu

Hospital rail system

Providing information about the master plan that targets the 2035 of Bursa, President Aktaş said, insanlar 3 million people live in Bursa and we need to deliver our people to their morning work and their spouses in the healthiest and most problematic way. Let me tell you the first two steps of the master plan. First we need to revise the signaling. We will reduce the waiting times from 3 and half minutes to 2 minutes. This is an investment of 130-140 million pounds. Time to two minutes to drop a lot more people carry. It means to move the 50 - 60 more than the current one and move more easily. The second one is an investment of 100-120 million pounds. There is now a hospital in Bursa. City Hospital with 1355 beds. We will make a line from Emek to provide more convenient transportation for people to this hospital. Bu

Sabri Koçoğlu, the President of the Beşevler Industrial Site Business Cooperative, thanked the tradesmen of Sanayi Sitesi on behalf of the Industrial Site, and said that the touches of Bursa's transportation made the city's traffic comfortable.


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