BTS Requests New Expert for Corlu Train Crash

bts corlu wants new expert
bts corlu wants new expert

BTS pointed out that some experts in the Çorlu train accident have been providing consultancy services to the organization for many years and should be renewed.

BTS Chairman Hasan Bektaş pointed out that some experts who prepared reports after the train accident in Çorlu gave consultancy services to the organization for many years and asked for the formation of a new expert committee.

United Transport Workers Union of KESK, Çorlu train crash in the expert committee formed by the Çorlu Chief Prosecutor's Office in Istanbul Development University Prof. Dr. Dr. Prof. Mustafa Karaşahin from Istanbul University Dr Sıddık Binboğa Yarman pointed out that the relationship with TCDD. BTS Chairman Hasan Bektas, the report prepared by the delegation can not be taken as the basis, "scientific and objective, far-fetched, with the expert report to clear the institution, one of our union member 4 lower-level personnel exposure to lynching is unacceptable," he said.


The expert delegation Dr. Mustafa Karaşahin has been working in TCDD, such as consultancy of Ministry of Transport, consultant of High Speed ​​Train, consultancy of Marmaray Project and Presidency of Railway Regulatory Committee. Bektaş, Karaşahin's business relationship with TCDD and Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure said that. Bektas, "Pamukova train accident also has the signature of reports documenting the management of TCDD," he said. Again, Prof. Dr. Dr. Sıyık Binboğa Yarman Ray-Der (Rail Transport Systems and Industrialists Association) is the secretary-general and underlines the signature of the reports defending TCDD in the Pamukova train accident underlines Bektaş, oğ TCDD relations fixed Karaşahin and Yarman prepared by the committee prepared by the expert report it is unacceptable. kabul


Bektaş emphasized that TCDD is the corporate responsibility of the accident and said: D The determination of a new expert committee from the relevant departments of the universities without any interest, contact, affiliation and connection with TCDD and the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications and the investigation prepared by this new expert committee will We believe it should be carried out. yürütül Bektas said that the cause of the political interference and negligence caused the accident, the reason for the unqualified appointments, contractors to give jobs to work, rail transport to ensure traffic safety of scientific and contemporary investments and projects not to be performed, he said.

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