BozankayaPresses Button for Sales of Domestic Production Vehicles to Latin America

Ambassadors of Chile and Colombia, Bozankayato review on-site production plant and discuss potential cooperation opportunities Bozankayavisited the facilities in Ankara.

Name all 8 electric bus tenders held in Turkey kazanAnnouncing that by arak and starting subway exports to Bangkok in June Bozankayainterest is increasing day by day. Recently attracting many cities in Germany, taking new orders and offering different solutions according to the needs of each city with its own R & D BozankayaThe ambassadors of Chile and Colombia visited.

The Ambassador of Chile to His Excellency Mr. José Manuel Silva Vidaurre and the Ambassador of Colombia to His Excellency Mr. Juan Alfredo Pinto Saavedra Bozankaya facilities in Murat Bozankayaconveyed its innovations in production, developments in rail systems and solution projects prepared for each country and city to the ambassadors.

Ambassador of Chile and Colombia, Turkey's largest and most modern rail systems to observe the manufacturing center, Bozankayato explore the R & D capability and production technology of the company on site, to learn about ongoing and planned investments and projects, and to discuss potential cooperation opportunities. Mr. José Manuel Silva Vidaurre, Ambassador of Chile, stated that they were impressed by the quality of production “ BozankayaI had the opportunity to see this great factory closely. They produce their own electric buses and rail vehicles. They have developed their own technologies and export them to different countries of the world. The company can have a bright future in Latin America, especially in Chile, where we promote transportation that does not pollute the environment using renewable energy sources. ”

His Excellency Mr. Juan Alfredo Pinto Saavedra, the Ambassador of Colombia “BozankayaWhen we visited the rail system and electric vehicles production center in Ankara, we visited the subway and electric bus production lines, the dyeing center capable of painting 12 wagon / vehicle at the same time, the R & D and production battery center for electric vehicles, 90m high-tech production robots.

Bozankaya the supplier of the tender bus electric 8 having been tendered in Turkey, Turkey's first rail exports to Thailand, the first operating electric bus exports to Germany, the design and manufacture of fully deliver firm in Kayseri, the tram vehicle belonging to him. I think that high-tech vehicles like these and diesel vehicles in Colombia will be replaced with electric vehicles and high fuel savings and air pollution will decrease.

During my job for business and investment opportunities in Colombia Bozankaya We were in close contact with. In this time it is about to end my duty Embassy in Turkey BozankayaI am fully confident that Colombia will undertake important projects in Colombia..

Stating that the ambassadors of Chile and Colombia are pleased to visit Murat Bozankaya “It was very useful to host the Ambassadors of Chile and Colombia in our 100.000 m2 tram, subway, electric bus production and R & D facility in Ankara, the heart of Anatolia, and to exchange ideas for the projects that we can realize”.

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