Panorama of 4 Years with President Şahin

📩 24/12/2018 22:50

Mayor of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Fatma Şahin identified the main problems of the city and 4 produced permanent solutions throughout the year. Du Gaziantep is in Love sürekli on the road,, Our strength is our strength Gaziantep eh slogan to Gazi City, class-skipping Sahin, mega projects, sat on the agenda constantly. 1 billion pounds budget attracts attention with Düzbağ drinking water project Municipality, pressed the button in the inner city aims to ease the transportation Gaziray-Metro project, Turkey model as shown 50 thousand houses "North City Project" was the nazardanlıg of the city.

Apart from projects related to housing, transportation and drinking water problems, 4 carried out effective activities throughout the year and the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality Şahin and his team changed the face of the city. In addition to the infrastructure works, Büyükşehir has added a vision to the vision of the city through its superstructure works, and the 529 has opened a new road, and the road has been asphalted in the 1786 kilometer. The social facilities of the districts were closed with the 41 social facility, the people of the district were provided with a comfortable breathing, and the city traffic was relieved with the 12 junction.

Expressing her importance to green at every opportunity, the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality of Fatma Sahin, brought the gray face of the city, green. Sahin, the task of greening the city from the day he took office to the day, threw hands to the gray areas, 202 parked the size of the football field, 3 million square meters of forest established. Panorama 25 December Museum, which will immortalize the Antep defense and carry the spirit of national struggle to the future, will be the most prestigious museum in the world.
Providing integration of citizens with disabilities into the society, the Metropolitan entered the eye with its services that suit the identity of Kent City without Barriers “. "Engel hand, foot, eye and ear not live not review callused heart" said the crowning acts with Mayor Fatma Sahin, Turkey's biggest founded the Barrier-Free Living Center.

To keep young people away from bad habits in order to open new sport areas by contributing to social transformation Metropolitan, 39 pieces of sports area, made available to young people.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which has lifted the historical sites that are bridges between the past and the future, has restored the historical streets from the ground up, giving life to history.

Mayor Fatma Sahin, who received the second prize from the President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in the 6 Local Governments Project Competition by the Presidency of the Local Governments of the AK Party, made his presence felt in the field of health. Founded Cancer Early Diagnosis and Education Center under the project (at screening), Mobile Mammography Screening Tool, Test Tube Baby Center, Pregnant School, the Medical Genetic Diagnosis Center and Anne Guest "Women Friendly City" titled Gaziantep, in the area of ​​women's health in Turkey and became a model for region . 3 bin 939 mother from Pregnant School and 394 mother from Anne Hotel. The 5 bin 908 mother who has applied to the IVF Center did not leave her alone, and the 20 carried a thousand people to cancer screening. Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality İnayet Topçuoğlu Hospital, dazzled with the performance in health care. Providing a high standard of service, 2 has provided health services to millions of patients.

The 2 494 hosted 256 people and the 44 hosted 672. Turkey's first safari park that the Metropolitan, opened the ecological building it reached XNUMX XNUMX thousand people.

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