Invitation from President Karabacak to Groundbreaking Ceremony of Darıca-Gebze Metro

basca karabacağı darica invitation
basca karabacağı darica invitation

📩 08/11/2018 17:42

Darıca Mayor Şükrü Karabacak invited all the people of Darıca to the groundbreaking ceremony of the Darıca - Gebze Metro Line, which will be held on Saturday, October 20.

President Karabacak, who invites the printed banners for the groundbreaking ceremony for the Darica-Gebze Metro Line to the groundbreaking ceremony, said, “Gebze - Darica Metro, which will take place with the participation of our President of the Turkish Grand National Assembly, Binali Yildirim, is a great investment for all Kocaeli. I wish that the Gebze - Darıca Metro, which is the biggest investment that Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality has made so far and will cost 5 billion liras, will be beneficial to our Kocael, our region and our country. The Metro, which is planned to be opened in 2022, I believe will change the face of not only Darica and Gebze, but also Kocaeli. While the metro, which will be built with high technology, will provide a safe and driverless travel opportunity, Gebze will reduce the distance between OSB - Darica Beach to 19 minutes and will provide a significant relief in traffic. At this point, I would like to thank our Metropolitan Mayor, İbrahim Karaosmanoğlu and our deputies on behalf of our people, who presented this important project to our local people. I invite all our people to the groundbreaking ceremony at Gebze Kent Square at 20:10 on Saturday, 30 October. ” said.


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