President Steel, distributes books in tram vehicles

13 which will be organized by Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality between 21-2 October. For Kayseri Book Fair, books were distributed to the citizens of rail vehicles. Mayor Mustafa Çelik also took the tram and invited the people to the Book Fair.

unremitting efforts to continue this year as a Book Fair where Turkey spoke as Metropolitan Municipality last year. Books and booklets about the fair were hung on all rail system vehicles during the night for the Book Fair which will be held in Kayseri World Trade Center between 13-21 October.

Mustafa Çelik, Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, personally participated in the information provided on the trams related to the Book Fair. Düvenönü Durağı'nda Chairman Mustafa Çelik boarding the vehicle, distributing books to citizens found an invitation.

Kayseri, Turkey's most-read city stated that they endeavor to make the Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Celik, 2. He informed the passengers about the Kayseri Book Fair and asked them to participate in this important fair to support Kayseri to become the city that reads the most. Metropolitan Mayor Celik, Fuzuli stop after the rail system vehicle, the Book Fair invitation continued. Distributing books to tradesmen and citizens by visiting tradesmen in the region, Mayor Celik invited all of Kayseri to the fair.

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