Minister Gospel Verdi, Istanbul Strait Coming to the Giant Transportation Project

minister gave the mujdeyi istanbul bogazina giant transportation project is coming
minister gave the mujdeyi istanbul bogazina giant transportation project is coming

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Mehmet Cahit Turhan, will soon start a giant project under the Bosporus, stating that, azı We will realize a first in the world with this project. 6,5 will be connected by two continents with 9 different rail system and express subway.

Turhan, Üsküdar-Ümraniye-Çekmeköy in his speech at the Underground opening, after years 12 London Underground linking the tunnel Beyoğlu with xnumx't Karaköy Turkey's first world said it was the second underground operation.

Turhan noted that the Turkish nation was expecting 626 for the launch of a new metro line after the 143 meter tunnel. Han Istanbul residents were introduced to the 1989 kilometer of Aksaray Metro which was opened to service at 7 and was introduced during the late Turgut Ozal period. In the 150 which was left behind, transportation in many metropolises of the world was started with underground subways. Obviously the hand of the sons of the cities of gold, the top of the iron mesh weaved in our country in the water was beaten.

Regardless of the reason, no matter who or the guilty who accept this situation is not possible to accept the Minister Turhan, said:

Say The most important objection to this situation was made by our President on 1994, when he became the Mayor of Greater Istanbul. The vision of our President, especially in the period of mayor of transportation, continued to be fruitful in later periods. Thus, 150 15 in the year on the metro, barely a barley-way, 160 year, such as a short time only in Istanbul 233 kilometers long metro was made. At the end of this year, the XNUMX will reach the kilometer. The Üsküdar-Ümraniye-Çekmeköy metro, which we opened today, is a product of this vision. Bugün

Stressing that Istanbul has a great meaning and importance in the eyes of the nation, Turhan said:

Et How much we can serve Istanbul. Our work continues in every part of Istanbul. We continue our works in all corners of Istanbul with its metros, highway transportation system. We will soon begin a giant project under the Bosphorus. With this project, we will realize a first in the world. 6,5 million people will use the day, the total 9 different rail system and express metro will connect with two continents. The Üsküdar-Ümraniye-Çekmeköy metro line, which will be commissioned today, will not only connect the city to 3, it will be integrated with Marmaray from Üsküdar and then to Hacıosman subway. In short, we will be closer to our goal of connecting all the districts of Istanbul. In coordination with Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, we will implement our other projects as well. İstanbul

Minister Turhan, thanked the people who contributed to the introduction of the subway, finished his words.

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