Latest 15 Mileage Between Nitrogen-Seyitömer Stations

The latest 15 mileage between nitrogen seyitomer stations
The latest 15 mileage between nitrogen seyitomer stations

TCDD 7. The last 15 kilometer was entered during the ongoing road renewal works between the Azot-Seyitömer stations in the District Directorate region.

TCDD Afyonkarahisar 7th Regional Directorate has entered the last 15 kilometers in road renewal works on the Azot-Seyitömer line, which is the last railway line section where rail renewal was not performed. When the road renewal works between Nitrogen and Seyitömer are completed, all the railway lines in the 7th District Directorate will be renewed.

TCDD 7. Regional Manager Adem Sivri continued his studies and even made investigations and got information about the works.

Regional Manager Sivri was accompanied by Railway Maintenance Service Manager Teksin Geldi, Railway Modernization Service Manager Yusuf Tetik and 71 Kütahya Railway Maintenance Directorate officials.


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