ATSO Delegated Mega Projects to Ankara

📩 24/12/2018 17:08

Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman of the Board Cuneyt Goktas, the Assembly President Fatih Tekin and the Board of Directors consisting of members of the ATSO Delegation, Mega Projects Ankara to interview Ankara.

AK Party Deputy Cengiz Aydoğdu, BEST Party Deputy Ayhan Erel, Milliyet.i Movement Party deputy Ramazan Kaşlı, Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning Personnel Department Head Evren Dinçer and ATSO delegation in Ankara delivered the report prepared for Solar Energy Specialist OSB.

The delegation made a statement to the deputies on the rail. After the visits, ATSO Chairman Cüneyt Göktaş made a statement and said: “We started to play Ankara's door about Solar Energy OIZ and Railway which are closely related to the future of Aksaray.

Aksaray AK Party Deputy Cengiz Aydoğdu, MHP deputy Ramazan Kaşlı, GOOD Party Deputy Ayhan Erel and Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning Head of Personnel Department Evren Dinçer visited in his office. In order for Aksaray Industry to be in a much better place than the current situation, we need 2 Basic Project, one of which is said to be Railway and the other is Solar Energy Specialized OSB.

In the coming years on the way to Adana, the new industrial site, OIZ and the university triangle will experience extreme intensity as a result of the traffic on those lines will not pull the city will remain connected to a solution to this problem in the Konya Yolu Region with a new industrial city will be solved. They expressed that they will take all necessary steps in the Parliament for this.

They stated that they should work for the future of Aksaray without discriminating between the parties. We had a vision and we continue our work in line with this vision. In Ankara, I would like to say that we are inviting you to put your hands under the roof of these projects. In an environment where cities and cities are competing in the world, we will give all the necessary support as the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which is the pioneer company of the business world to reach the targets of Aksaray in 2023 year. No one should have any doubt that we will accomplish these goals with the participation of our Governors, the Mayor, the esteemed executives of our Public Institutions and the esteemed Presidents of our NGOs and the citizens of our city. Aksaray will grow and will give the largest contribution to Turkey's development "he said.

Assembly President Fatih Tekin, said in a statement after visiting in Ankara on whether his statement emphasized the importance of the project "in order to spend the future of our Board of Directors and the Assembly of our city, our industrial life projects involving closely Turkey, we provide information about the Grand National Assembly in the project by performing interviews with our province's Deputies. Aksaray, which is essential for Aksaray and will not bring to life in the near future, which will bring out negative statements on behalf of our industry by making a conversation about the seriousness of the situation. Mr. Deputies have informed us that they will do everything necessary for Aksaray. At the same time, the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning Personnel Department Head Evren Dinçer'de Aksaray said that he would provide all kinds of support. We hope that the positive negotiations on behalf of us and our industry will turn into results in the following years. Aksaray, Turkey's industrial future will grow rapidly under the umbrella of unity and solidarity towards becoming a city "he said.

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