Viscount Student Visa Applications Started

Visa procedures for students using Antalya began. Students can download visa cards at the filling centers and perform visa procedures. Card visa procedures must be completed by 1 November 2018.

Students using the public transportation network. will be able to perform visa procedures by filling in Antalya service. Students' learning status, while filling in centers in Antalya via MEB and YÖK services will be determined by querying the system. After the interrogation, visa procedures will be completed for the students. Students who do not have a visa process despite the filling of Antalyakart'na, students' documents with the East Garage, Calli or Akdeniz University in the center of the visa procedures can be done free of charge.

1 will be valid for years
The visa dates of the cards will be valid for 1 year. Students can make their visa expiration, visa expiration dates from card readers in public transportation vehicles and all balance inquiry devices at stops. 2 will be charged as of November 2018.

Students can provide detailed information. isfrom.

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