Ankara's Population Is Increasing, Transportation Should Be Planned Now

📩 24/12/2018 17:05

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mustafa Tuna, ı The population is increasing. Transportation is already planned and new roads, rail systems need to be expanded, '' he said.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mustafa Tuna, Ankara's traffic to be relieved already said the plans should be made. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan with the gospel of the two Metro and two Ankaray projects, reminiscent of the Danube, Forum Etlik Hospital to the Forum Ankara, Siteler through the Airport Metro connection will be made with two new from Ankaru to METU; From the Dikimevi to the NATO Road, there are no problems with the construction of two new Metro. The population is increasing and transportation needs to be planned in advance, new roads and rail systems need to be expanded Nüfus.

President Tuna pointed out that the vehicles left in the streets of the capital adversely affect the traffic of the city.… This is a cultural issue den It is a problem caused by the conditions ın A problem arising from the changes in the zoning plans due to the lack of parking needs. New car parks are required. We aim to encourage the use of rail systems by making car parks in suburban areas. We are planning to provide parking in appropriate places and provide relief. We have studies in this direction. Bu


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