Ankara YHT Station Became the Capital of New Life

ankara yht gari became the new life center of the capital
ankara yht gari became the new life center of the capital

Launched in accordance with the new vision and rising value of TCDD and put into service on 29 October 2016, Ankara YHT Station has left two years behind.

With its architecture and social facilities, Ankara YHT Station has taken its place among the works that have brought a new identity and prestige to the capital Ankara and it was built with the Build-Operate-Transfer model implemented by TCDD for the first time.

Commercial areas, indoor and outdoor parking, cafe-restaurant, business offices, multi-purpose halls, masjid, first aid and security units and hotels with social and cultural facilities such as Ankara YHT Train Station, not only for passengers, Ankara also became a new center of living .

Ankara YHT Train Station, which is integrated with suburban and other urban rail systems especially with high speed rail network, is one of the preferred places for social and cultural activities because it is easily accessible and at an equal distance to each place.

Until today, many events such as meetings, conferences, workshops, weddings, sports and social responsibility projects have been hosted by Ankara YHT Station.


Ankara YHT Station, which consists of a total of eight floors including ground, provides the easiest and fastest access for people with disabilities, was planned to serve up to a thousand passengers per day.

Ankara YHT Railway, to date and descending to a total of 10 million High-Speed ​​Train passengers served.

At the same time, the 12 units of YHT can be approached, the 3 pcs per unit and 6 railroad line from the Ankara YHT Station; 23 pieces YHT output, 23 pieces YHT entry to Konya, Eskişehir and İstanbul directions, 46 pieces YHT input and output is made in a day.


With the commissioning of high-speed and high-speed train lines, the construction of the new YHT stations was planned to meet the passenger needs.

In this context, the construction of Eryaman, Polatlı, Bozüyük and Bilecik YHT stations has been completed and put into service. The construction of the YHT station at the site of the Konya Wheat Market was approached to an end.


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