Modernization Project of Ankara Metro

For the modernization of the Ankara Metros, the General Directorate of EGO and ASELSAN, the Ministry of Transport, Selim DURSUN, Fatih SAYAN and Enver İŞKURT. They were hosted by GÜNDOĞDU.

For the production of materials and equipment used in rail systems with domestic and national projects, EGO General Directorate and ASELSAN A.Ş. A protocol was signed for three projects on 24.06.2015.

National Modular Traction System Design and Development Project

Urban Transportation Signaling and Control Systems Project

Metro Open Lines Security System Project

Assoc. Dr. Reminding the circular published by Mustafa TUNA for the use of national and domestic products, EGO General Manager Balamir GÜNDOĞDU stated that the national and domestic products will be used more in this process and such projects will continue to increase.

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