German Partnership to TÜDEMSAŞ

german tudemsasa partnership offer
german tudemsasa partnership offer

In recent years, the production of the name of the prominent TUDEMSAS'a, the German company 'common wagon' was proposed to make the construction. SKODA production company from some of the company came to Sivas to visit the factory said.

The Germans claim TÜDEMSAŞ Partnership Offer!

TÜDEMSAŞ, which has been on the attack with the production of National Wagon, continues to send the wagons that it produces by reaching% 90 in the domestic production. It was also suggested that TÜDEMSAŞ, which attracted attention abroad, was offered the production of common rail cars from the German company. In 1991, the company joined the Volkswagen Group and officials from Skoda came to TÜDEMSAŞ last week to meet with officials and to visit the factory. No formal announcement has been made yet about the partnership proposal.


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