Mediterranean Countries Met in Izmir

mediterranean countries met in izmir
mediterranean countries met in izmir

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality hosted the m Sea Waste Best Practices Regional Cooperation Meeting er of the participating countries of the United Nations Environment Program, which came together within the framework of the Barcelona Convention.

In the context of the United Nations Environment Program - Mediterranean Action Plan, İzmir won the first prize in 2017 for the first time in order to recognize the efforts to improve the environment and quality of life of the cities on the shores of the Mediterranean and to promote its sustainable development; and also to the technical meeting of the 2018 year organized by the Barcelona Convention - MAP Coordinator. hosted.

Historic Gas Cultural Center meeting held in France, Italy, Greece, Albania, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Cyprus, Israel, Lebanon, Malta, Morocco, Slovenia, Libya, Tunisia and Turkey joined representatives.

Tatjana Hema, Coordinator of the UN Environment Program, who chaired the meeting, said: Tat İzmir, where we awarded last year, performs best practices in environmental protection practices. Izmir is a wonderful city. I also congratulate the Metropolitan Municipality for restoring this historic building very nicely. Ayrıca

Both sea and land
In the meeting where regional best practices were shared about the sea litter and regional cooperation was discussed, the Secretary General of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality said. Buğra Gökçe explained the activities they carried out. Gokce, who stated that the collection of floating wastes in the Izmir Bay was carried out by 2 sea broom ship, çe The Blue Bay 2013 sea broom in the 2 was manufactured in accordance with the geographical conditions of the inner Gulf of Izmir and especially to work in the coastal areas. The Blue Bay 2017 sea broom ship that we bought in 3 has both the characteristics of the collection of floating waste and the ability to interfere with the oil pollution that may occur in sea accidents. We continue to work with very shallow areas where sea broom ships cannot enter and on the shores we work with landfill collection teams. 2016 tons in 1638, 2017 tons in 1199, 2018 by October October 533 tons of waste collected have collected N.

We are ahead
Izmir Bay Water quality monitoring studies have continued since 2001 said. Buğra Gökçe continued:

Yapıy Once a month, we take sea water samples from the bay and analyze them from the bottom and surface of the designated 11 station. We work closely with universities on this subject. We are the number 1 number in our country with the number of refinement in the European Union standards, the amount of waste water treatment per capita and the treatment rate in EU Standards. As a result of this, the International Blue Flag Jury, blue flag this year took place in Izmir 10 4 has added a new beach to the beaches in Turkey. In this increase, the contribution of the advanced biological treatment plants that our municipality has been successive is big. Izmir, Istanbul and Ankara is clearly ahead. The water we treated per person is about 10 of Ankara. Kişi

In his speech, Gökçe also gave detailed information about İzmir Metropolitan Municipality projects on sustainability and environment and rail system investments that reduce carbon emissions.

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