Domestic and National Automatic Lubrication System for Akçaray

It was put into service by the Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality and was Akçaray tram line run by 2017 continues to serve the people of Kocaeli. Akçaray tram line vehicles, which were generally satisfied by the citizens, made noise with the effect of friction in some areas while they were on the move, and the citizens in these regions were disturbed by this sound. Automatic lubrication system was activated to prevent these noise. This system, all domestic, was developed by Transportation Engine engineers.

Akçaray tram line, the general satisfaction of the citizens kazanHowever, he faced some problems, albeit minor ones. The most important of these problems was the friction noise that the trams made while driving. Relevant investigations and analyzes were carried out by TransportationPark officials. As a result of the researches, it was determined that there was more noise than usual in the curve areas where the tram turns. At the same time, the "Automatic Lubrication System" was needed, as the service life of the rail would shorten over time due to the wear on the rails.

TransportationPark Inc. which has started to act in accordance with the determined needs. Engineers in the bend region of the tram, which is more than normal to minimize this sound launched studies. TransportationPark Inc. engineers and technicians have developed and activated the Automatic Lubrication System to cut the friction noise in corners as a result of R & D activities. The supply of the parts and the application on the line are carried out by engineers and technicians. For now, the system in the corners in front of the courthouse will be implemented in other bends.

TRANSPORTATION ilgili Automatic Lubrication System otomatik, produced by engineers and technicians in total in 4 months, is activated by sensors at the time the tram enters the corners, automatically leaving oil to the relevant parts of the rail. In this way, when the tram cars enter the corners, oil film between the car wheel and the rail is formed. As a result, the existing sound and wear are minimized. In addition, if the lubrication is not needed (in rainy weather, etc.), the system is not activated by its own decision.

According to the investigations, according to the foreign companies marketing the same automatic lubrication system; The cost of establishing the project can be said to be lower than the percentage of 60. At the same time in terms of working in terms of imported systems with more functions than the '' Automatic Lubrication System '' had been obtained from abroad would be the cost of 80-100 thousand Turkish lira. But the domestic and national transportation made by Park engineers, this system was cost 35 thousand Turkish liras.

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