Afyon Vocational School, TCDD 7. Regional Manager Hosted Their Managers

afyon myo tcdd hosted 7 bolge muduru managers 1
afyon myo tcdd hosted 7 bolge muduru managers 1

📩 07/11/2018 18:04

AKÜ Afyon MYO TCDD A cooperation program was organized with the aim of increasing the knowledge and interest of the students in the Department of Rail Systems in cooperation with the Directorate of 7.

As a Speaker to the Conversation Program held at the MYO Conference Hall, hosted by the Afyon Vocational School; TCDD 7 Regional Director Adem Sivri, Area Director Assist Ugur Acikgöz, field experts, Railway Maintenance Service Manager Teksin Geldi, Railway Modernization Service Manager Yusuf Tetik, Traffic and Station Management Service Manager Hulusi Kacar participated.

While the students of the Department of Rail Systems participated in the interview program as an audience, Assoc. Dr. Prof. Dr. İhsan Cemil Demir, Assistant Manager Elif Cönk, Head of Department Assoc. Dr. Prof. Dr. Metin Ersoy and Department Instructors Hakan Öztürk, Instructor Nejla Soner, Lecturer İbrahim Pehlivan, Lecturer Fatma Merve Kılçık, Lecturer Hicri Yavuz were present as listeners.

TCDD structure within the scope of the seminar, Investments made in our country High speed train projects will continue without slowing down, job opportunities offered to students and so on. the questions were answered and the questions about the professional and the institution were answered.

At the end of the seminar TCDD 7. Regional Director Adem SİVRİ and Vice Principals visited the new school with the director of the Vocational School and the faculty members. TCDD 7 will be supported in the construction of a railway with scissors in the outer area, level crossing, positioning of a suitable maintenance vehicle and traversing rail systems suitable for the department workshop, rail welding materials, providing different workshop materials related to road technology. Adem SİVRİ, the Regional Director, was informed and a review was made on site. The seminar and visit provided the students with information about their future professions and gained vision.

At the end of the interview, the Director of Vocational School, Assoc. Dr. İhsan Cemil Demir was presented with the Certificate of Appreciation and Certificate of Appreciation to Regional Managers Adem Sivri and the field experts.



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