When Will Adapazarı Train Go to Haydarpaşa?

adapazari train will go when the haydarpasaya 1
adapazari train will go when the haydarpasaya 1

Due to YHT Construction and Marmaray Project, Adapazarı Express was closed in 2012 and the re-started flights at 2017 were extended to Pendik. But is the train going to Haydarpaşa?

Stopped in 2012 and restarted in August 2017, Adapazarı Express started to make new flights to Pendik district. Trains between Arifiye Pendik could not see citizens' interest as much as they used to. The main reason for this was that the train could not enter Haydarpaşa.

With the end of YHT Construction which caused the cancellation of the trains, Adapazarı Express opened to Pendik road and with the end of Marmaray, it started to wait for the expedition to Haydarpaşa.

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Mehmet Cahit Turhan, who participated in the test drive on the suburban line of Pendik-Maltepe in recent weeks, gave the information that Marmaray would be opened at the end of the year.

Speaking about the subject, Yıldız Technical University, Department of Transportation Professor. Dr. Professor Dr. İsmail Şahin said that the Haypasa flights of Adapazarı Express should start. Newspaper KadıköySpeaking to Prof. Dr. Şahin said that a new line should be built for intercity and regional expresses to enter Haydarpaşa. Professor Dr. Şahin said, “In addition to the trains that provide public transportation services, the Marmaray corridor was planned to use intercity High Speed ​​Trains (YHT) and freight trains. For intercity (Main line) trains, the corridor will be expanded and a third line will be added. The capacity of the single line added is not sufficient for intercity trains. This insufficiency determination is made by taking into consideration the intercity and regional train traffic to and from Istanbul, which is expected to increase in the future. Like the two lines reserved for Marmaray trains, two separate lines should have been planned for the Ana-line trains. ”

Reminding that it was decided that Haydarpaşa should continue its function as a station. Dr. Şahin, saying that only YHTs come to Haydarpaşa, a decision has come to the fore, “Only YHTs have a garage in the mind of decision-makers. The connections of other intercity passenger expressions and Adapazarı regional trains with Istanbul were broken. Istanbul arrival-departure flights of these trains should start again. The fact that some Marmaray TV series arrive at Haydarpaşa Train Station in the morning and evening hours will especially satisfy the passengers of the Karaköy-related ferryboats.

Professor Dr. Şahin's statements show that a serious investment must be made in order for Adapazarı Express to go to Haydarpaşa. While it is still a matter of curiosity what the Ministry will follow in this regard, the Sakarians like they used to KadıköyHe wants the train route that goes up to.

As it is known, the Adapazari Train did not come to the center and it was decided by TCDD and the Ministry just like in Haydarpaşa. Experts said that the main problem is not to go to Haydarpaşa, not to stay from Arifiye, but after long time in Pendik'dan urban journey had affected the efficiency of the line.


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