EU wants to be authorized on Norwegian Railways

ab norvec wants to be authorized on railways
ab norvec wants to be authorized on railways

Norway is forced to compete in the railway by the EU. Trade unions and some political parties oppose such a directive.

After the European Union (EU) has a say in the energy field in Norway, it now wants to have a say on the railways. Norway is forced to compete in the railway by the EU.

For this purpose, the EU has directed its e fourth rail package ü towards Norway. Norway's right-wing government also proposed a series of legislative proposals to implement the railroad package. The Assembly is expected to decide on the package this winter. The period of taking opinion on this issue also ended last week.


Trade unions and some political parties are against such a directive. In Norway, the unions protested against the EU's railway package in Oslo last week, meeting in Parliament. Ada A new sale on the railroad this fall is on the agenda, da the Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions said. We are protesting the government's official tender plan for railway traffic. We say no to the fourth railway package of the EU. We know what the competition competition means. It means printing on costs. It means worse wages and working conditions. Low retirement means flexible work. Printing costs. Tender competition means division of professional environment. Tender competition means weakened security control. İhale


The main opposition party, the Norwegian Social Democratic Labor Party (EP), did not take a stand this time. Sverre Myrli, who is in charge of the railroads policy of the EP, made a statement against the EU's railway route and said, re This is not a policy that we can work together. We do not share the belief that everything should be subject to competition. Her The European Economic Area (EEA) supporters in the EP call the fourth package ı no bu. Those who say no, if they take the Norwegian Christian People's Party (KrF) with them, Norway will say no to the EU's imposition for the first time.

The NHO, the Norwegian employer's organization, says that saying sonuç no aç to the package would lead to negative consequences for Norway. The NHO supports the government to open the railway operation.


The fourth railway package includes a number of measures that could have significant consequences for how the railways are operated in Norway. The main aim of the package is to r harmonize, and, simplify bir railway regulations in Europe, thus suggesting that countries can make easier co-operation on two-way routes.

However, critics of the package think that the EU demands a lot of power from countries. The EU railway company ERA will have more authority on the safety of Norwegian railways. It also demands that all railway operators in Norway be competitive with the whole of Europe as a market area.

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