Zam UKOME's Decision on Public Transportation in Manisa

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, made a statement about the price regulation in public transportation. It was emphasized that the news and the speeches targeting the Metropolitan Municipality and President Cengiz Ergün over the price regulation in public transportation exceeded the purpose of the decision, and that the decision was taken by the UKOME on which 20 was represented by the agency's representative.

In the statement made by the Metropolitan Municipality regarding the subject, the following statements were given:: As it is known, private transport cooperatives providing public transportation services in the 17 district of Manisa had demanded the regulation considering the current conditions. 5216, Transportation Services of Metropolitan Municipality Law numbered 9. Established according to the Article and Brigade Command, Provincial Gendarmerie Command, Provincial Police Department, Highways, State Railways, Manisa Governorship Investment Monitoring and Coordination Department, Transportation and Infrastructure 3. During the meeting of the Transportation Coordination Center (UKOME) consisting of representatives of public institutions and organizations and representatives of the Chamber of Drivers and Automobile Chambers on the 20, which included district municipalities in the areas of interest of the Regional Directorate and its municipalities, the request was approved and approved with the decision of the board. Following the arrangement of prices, we follow up the news and social media shares which are not closely related to the fact that the hike by Manisa Metropolitan Municipality and Metropolitan Mayor Cengiz Ergün has been made by some people with intention. It should be known that the UKOME, which was established with the metropolitan city of Manisa, meets periodically according to today's conditions and socioeconomic conditions of our city and takes decisions on transportation regulations. Stating that the hike arrangement is done in this context, we inform the valuable Manisans not to respect the discourses and news other than that. Zam

Zam 1 TL Not, 25 Penny!
In similar intentioned shares, it is stated that the increase is seen in the vicinity of 1 TL. The 3 TL card with 3,50 TL has been extended to 2,25 TL and the student fee has not been changed. Nevertheless, we leave the appreciation of the news and social media sharing that the hike has been made in the amount of TL 2,50. It is announced respectfully to the public Kamu.

What is UKOME?
5216, Transportation Services of the Metropolitan Municipality Law numbered 9. Article in the "land of the Metropolitan, sea, water, all kinds on the lake and rail to be carried out in coordination of transportation services to the chairmanship of the people, the metropolitan mayor or commissioned, regulation, public institutions and organizations will determine Turkey Drivers and the participation of the relevant chamber representative assigned by the Automobile Federation of Transport Coordination The center is established. District mayors participate in coordination centers as members of the municipality to discuss matters concerning their municipality. The representatives of the specialized professional chambers of the public transport sector and the professional associations are invited to the Transport Coordination Center meetings and their opinions are taken.

Which institutions are located in UKOME?
Manisa 1. Commando Training Brigade Command, Provincial Gendarmerie Command, Provincial Police Department, Highways, State Railways, Manisa Governorship Investment Monitoring and Coordination Directorate, Transportation and Infrastructure 3. Representatives of other district municipalities and representatives of Chambers of Drivers and Automobile Chambers are among the permanent members of UKOME, if they are related to the Regional Directorate.

To transform the metropolitan city and to the Transport Coordination Center of the Provincial Traffic Commission, to increase the fuel consumption which is one of the biggest expense items of the transporters and to ensure the sustainability of the public transport system. cardless boarding 12.02.2018 TL, Muradiye District Manisa Card full 2018 TL, student 21 TL, cardless boarding 2,25 TL was determined as a percentage of transport cooperatives 1,75 3,00 in the period since the date of the increase of fuel in the amount of 2,50 fuel increase in the center of the public transportation fees in Manisa center 2,00 percent of the boarding boarding, carded boarding in the Muradiye neighborhood with a percentage increase in the rate of 3,00 wages, Manisa city center and Muradiye neighborhood including all the lines of student wages were kept constant without any increase in their transportation.

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