The Rise of Our Airports in Europe Continues

giant shipment to istanbul airport
giant shipment to istanbul airport

State Airports Administration (SAMA) General Manager and Chairman of the Board Funda in January, some details of the September 2018 announced that data from Eurocontrol Turkey's official Twitter account. Accordingly, in September; Antalya Airport daily average 144.7 take the first place in the charter flights, while Istanbul Ataturk Airport Eurocontrol Statistical Reference Region in the daily flights with the average daily 572.1 took the third place.
Here are the shares of Funda Ocak:

Turkey announced in September 2018 Eurocontrol data. Accordingly, the number of aircraft in Turkey in September compared to the same period of the previous year 7.2%, 7.3% in the number of departing aircraft, 10.9% increase was seen in the upper transit pass. The overall rate of increase was 4.9.

In September, Frankfurt Airport took the first place with the average daily 646.9 on the scheduled flights in Eurocontrol Statistical Reference Region, while Istanbul Atatürk Airport ranked third with a daily average 572.1 departure.

The championship of the Charter flights was again Antalya Airport. This airport took the first place on the charter flights with the average daily 144.7 departure. In addition, the charter flights at this airport increased by 20.7 by the end of September compared to the same period of the previous year.

At the Antalya Airport, there was a charter flight on the 4 floor of Tel Aviv Ben Gurion Airport, which was the second in charter flights in September.

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